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How to register and apply for a new Tin number required for the newly established URA e-tax payment system

Updated on May 26, 2015

E-tax by URA

The Introduction of the e-tax payment system paved way which saw even the mobile phone users through the use of the Mobile Money related services having the abi

Whether you are an importer, exporter, businesses owner, an individual, company or anyone else provided you are involved in any activity that requires you to pay government taxes, applying for the New Uganda Revenue Authority Tin number is part of your way to go. It should be noted that since the beginning of 1st of July 2012, URA ceased the use of the old PXX-XX-XX Tin series and introduced the new numbered Tins 1100011… as a way to ease the process of the newly introduced Electronic Tax (e-tax) payment system there by abolishing the manual payment Brafs and slips which people used to access directly from the URA branches.

The Introduction of the e-tax payment system paved way which saw even the mobile phone users through the use of the Mobile Money related services having the ability to pay and enact any tax related transaction paid directly to URA while those who still wished to pay via banks too went ahead enacting their payments via the banks of their choices to enact those petty cashes (NTR) which do not require a Tin number.

As said above, a TIN is required if one is going to enact a government tax for example an importer paying clearing fees to the authorities would be required to own a TIN so as to be in position of completing the transaction.

How to register for the new TIN

  1. Depending on what the purposes of the TIN are for example to transfer a vehicle, to process a company VAT, to pay import or export duties and others whether doing it as a company or individual, one would need to visit the official URA website and browse to option Download Online Forms.
  2. For an individual, one would need to download the e-tax form DT-1001 while for a Tin Non-Individual Registration (example for a company), one would need to download form DT-1002.
  3. The downloaded forms will then be saved on either a computer or any data carrier device like a flash disk so as to enable the process of being in position of editing them.
  4. Next step will be to enable macros on your computer office program and start filling in the details required.
  5. You will then go back to the URA website and click on the register for taxes, individual or non individual depending on the forms you had downloaded and filled, scroll and select new form in the drop down menu and follow all prompts to upload form.
  6. After a period of about 48 hours, you should carry your hard copy printed (the manual forms download and filled with the same information you filled with the ones online) and take them over to the nearest URA branch including all the attachments required like the Passport.

Your new Tin number will be issued accordingly after verifying the documents you submitted as will be directed by the URA staff.

Preview of how to upload the form


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    • profile image


      17 months ago

      I need your help on how to process the Tin number

    • profile image

      Bennet Dunstan Musinguzi 

      22 months ago

      I am stuck with uploading my tin registration form

    • profile image

      kamya pual 

      22 months ago

      i need to get tin number but i do not know the procedure

    • profile image

      mark alvin m feliciano 

      4 years ago

      how to fill up

    • profile image

      agnes babirye 

      4 years ago

      why is the creation of the Tin number gets rejected each time you register.

    • sharingknowledge profile imageAUTHOR

      SHAR NOR 

      5 years ago from Miami, FL

      Thanks for the comments annette and daniel. True, its so simple and can be done by your own self. And Dan, your account has a password and no one can access it. For those who don't know how to enable Macros, check the solution here


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