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How to save petrol

Updated on April 19, 2012
High petrol prices are causing money issues
High petrol prices are causing money issues | Source

In times such as these when money is getting tighter and tighter and petrol prices are rising quite steeply, what are ways we can save some petrol and at the end of the day, save some money which we could spend on something we actually want? I'll give you a few tips below to help you out:

Drive at a moderate speed and avoid heavy traffic where possible: The more constant pressure on the pedal the better! Your engine is going to use alot less petrol when it is only required to operate at a constant speed rather than speeding up to gain momentum all the time.

Drive in a higher gear: For those of us in a manual, short shifting is quite an effective way of saving fuel as it cuts down the rev's on the engine, for automatic cars putting your car into "overdrive mode" will do this to a similiar effect.

Travel light: The more weight you have, the more fuel you will use, simple as that! So any weight that you do not need to carry, don't take it!

Don't put the right foot down so much: This is one of the big users of fuel, now while is it fun it also kills your fuel economy because the engine is having to work that much harder to get the speed that you desire so it will naturally use more fuel.

Avoid the engine idling: This is using pointless fuel as it is keeping your engine running but you aren't actually going anywhere.

Avoid alot of use of air-conditioner: It is truth that they use around 10% extra fuel while operating, now if your trying to save fuel thats a big factor.

Clean air filter regulary: Perhaps the biggest one here, a clean air filter gives great air flow to the engine thus reducing its need for so much fuel, this can effect it by up to 10%

So there is a few ways to help you save some fuel and money! Hope this helped everyone out and you the money you save will come in handy!


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    • Bianu profile image

      Bianu 6 years ago from Africa

      Thanks for this. Any tip towards fuel cost savings are welcome.

      Voted up.