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How to search on Google trader Nigeria using sms

Updated on December 19, 2012

Google trader Nigeria offers a text based service to people who may want to search for advertised products or services in a specific location listed on the Google Trader platform using their phone's sms.

Since a lot of sellers and service providers are already offering to sell something on Google trader, potential buyers can also search for products or services they are interested in and also compare prices for such items using an sms based service.

Google trader sms service in Nigeria is practically free to receive and probably cheap to send and depends on your network rates really. You can search for products and get results in a list depending on how may offers have been made for your request.

How it works

  • Buyer requests for specific product or service using sms
  • He gets a feedback sms showing a listing of such items
  • He can then contact seller to transact business

How to search on Google trader using sms

As you should already know, the default sms number for Google Trader Nigeria is 6007 and so requests should be made to that number and you should also save it in your contacts.

To search for products or services on Google Trader;

  1. Send Buy Product/Service State to 6007 in an sms
  2. You will get a feedback sms showing results related to your request.

So let's say you want to buy a Norton Antivirus CD in Lagos, you can search for available listings by sellers on Google Trader sms platform by sending the phrase Buy Norton 360 Lagos to 6007. You will get a couple of results if there are any available ads by sellers in that location. It is really that simple.


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