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How to sell digital goods - Selling Will Make You Money

Updated on June 12, 2011

Would you like to make passive income by selling digital goods?

Passive income - it's something many people dream about. Relaxing on a coach, enjoying coffee (or tee, or something stronger if your prefer) and knowing that each minute you're sitting there, you're also making money. By simple doing nothing...

Achieving passive income isn't really hard - but it depends on many things, for example: how much money do you want to make this way? What can you do? What new things are you willing to learn? How much time do you want to spend on making such passive income?

Those are questions you need to answer first, before even trying to achieve some level of passive income. But once you know the answers, you can get to work - and you can earn a lot of money in passive way simple by selling digital goods.

What are digital goods

What are digital goods? You know what goods are, now digital goods are goods that are digital :). Umm, OK - stock photos, stock templates for websites, scripts, apps, ebooks or whole online courses are digital goods - those are products one create using digital technology, and sell online.

The most important thing you need to know about passive income

Before you start making money in passive, way, you need to remember - passive income is passive income :). Many people make the big mistake, considering passive income to be their primary income - why they shouldn't do it.

Sure, with time and effort you can really start making enough money to make a living this way, and forget about any other daily job. You can either engage affiliate marketing, or create your own website and make money with AdTaily, or you can focus on selling digital goods (something I'm going to describe in this hub in few minutes). But you need to remember it's still just passive income.

An additional income in other words. If you will treat it as your primary way to make money, you might really get lost and depressed, because you won't make big money right away. But if you will consider passive income as additional way to support your home budget, you will achieve a peace of mind, a Zen state - you won't worry about money, and you will enjoy making more money than your daily job gives you - how cool is that?

Sell Photos

The simplest way to sell digital goods is to sell stock photography - such photography is then published on websites, in leaflets, magazine and newspapers. You get money for allowing the third party to use your stock photos.

In order to start selling things this way, you need two things - a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop. First one to make photos - second one to edit them. But remember - many stock marketplaces do not accept edited photos, only original can be accepted - this means you need to become a good photographer. For example, you can learn about digital photography from Digital Photography School - a huge blog on the subject.

And when you finally know how to make great photos, and you got the digital camera, you can start selling your stock photos. To do this, you need to register on stock photos marketplace - once there, you will be able to upload your photos and start selling them. Here are few great marketplaces you could try.

  • iStockPhoto - the biggest, the best but in reality, you might not get accepted - because it's so huge marketplace they rarely accept new imaginery, as they have too much of it already. But it's the best place to buy stock photos :).
  • Fotolia - this is the one where you should try to sell your stocks, as they don't give problems with accepting new stocks.

Sell Stock Templates

And if you're a skilled webdesigner, you can also sell whole website stock templates. There are people out there who can't really pay $1000 USD for custom design, but they're willing to pay less for still professional theme. There are many websites out there that offer you selling website templates, but I recommend only one - ThemeForest.

You can design simple XHTML themes, or templates for CMS's like WordPress or Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. Getting 40% of each sale when just a beginner, and having the opportunity to increase this commission up to 70% with each sale, ThemeForest gives you the best place to sell your digital work.

And ThemeForest is not just the only theme in Envato family (company responsible for TF), on other marketplaces you can also sell Flash elements, scripts, graphics, audio files and videos. This gives you a great opportunity to increase your passive income each month, as long as you're skilled coder or designer.

Sell with E-Junkie

E-Junkie is open marketplace for different digital goods. You can sell whatever you want there, and it don't have to be digital :). Personally, I sell ebooks through that service, you can also sell web templates or scripts, or anything else as digital product.

What you need is just an account, you can register on E-Junkie here. Once there, you can upload your product, promote it via affiliate programs marketplace and then grab few codes, place buttons on your website and start selling.

E-Junkie requires you to pay - $5 USD per month is enough to sell up to 10 items. Don't worry, it doesn't mean you can only sell 10 times a month. You can upload 10 items at max for $5 subscription, and then sell these 10 items as many times as customers are willing to pay you. There are of course more complex and more expensive subscriptions, but this basic one should be enough.

With E-Junkie, you can:

  • Create affiliate program and ask others to promote your work for small commission.
  • Add digital stamps for your ebooks and protect them from being placed on Torrents.

If you're thinking about selling ebooks, then E-Junkie is for you. Just remember, even if E-Junkie allows you to host your files, you still need your own website from which you will be selling digital goods.

Sell Apps

You can also sell apps - for example for Mac, or iPhone or even Android operating systems. People do make money, and sometimes really big money by selling apps for iPhone using iTunes. It's definitely a profitable way to make money online by selling digital goods, yet to create a successful app isn't easy task.

You need coding skills and some money to invest in software, and time to invest for gaining more knowledge. But it the and, you can really design cool apps, that will get many sales and by this, they will give you strong passive income each month.

Go and sell digital goods

Selling digital goods is a great way for increasing passive income. In most cases, all you have to do is to work hard at first, but later you can just sit back and relax, focusing on promotion of your digital goods. Or you can produce more goods and keep increasing your monthly income.


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    • kansasyarn profile image

      Teresa Sanderson 

      6 years ago from Rural Midwest

      Useful info! Thanks!

    • amithak50 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      There are tons of Affiliate program that you can join and sell digital books online and can earn great income ,Well,You have presented nice information on "How to sell digital goods"


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