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Shop at Amish salvage stores & stock up on supplies your household needs.

Updated on March 19, 2014

Amish Salvage Store

You never know what you will find!
You never know what you will find! | Source

Ohio Amish territory

A few towns in Ohio are full of great Amish deals. Cheeses, bakery items, household cleaners, soaps, candles, outdoor furniture, slightly damaged food items or others slightly past expiration dates. All items ripe for your pickings!

I'm very lucky to have locations within an hour drive of my home. Between Sams Club, Aldi, and Amish Salvage, my grocery budget is great!

Look in these Ohio counties

Ashtabula, Wayne, Tuscarawas, Millersburg, Holmes County

Do you shop at discount stores?

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So how do you shop at Amish Salvage stores?

Quite simply, you just have to show up.

  1. Show up, and preferably not in a low rider with rap music playing
  2. Have cash or checks available, they don't take credit card payments (no electric).
  3. Make sure you go before the sun sets, these locations don't use electricity (see above) and close when dark.
  4. Keep your eyes open for expiration dates and bent & dent or damaged items.
  5. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer or hand wipes. The stores are often VERY dusty! You'll want that stuff when you leave, trust me.
  6. Be friendly (represent the English in a positive light! see #1)
  7. Have fun!

Don't be surprised if you arrive and feel like you're pulling into someones driveway or if you overhear them talking to each other in PA Dutch, or hear other strange grumblings you can't quite make out. Most of the owners live on the same site as their stores. If you grew up in the city like I did, you may find this so quaint and charming. There is something to be said about the slower lifestyle of the Amish, it's just peaceful.

I don't really care what language they speak, I'm there for the deals! The Amish are polite and kind and for the most part just want to run a successful business like anyone else. So grab your cart and get shopping.

Items seem to change constantly, so you never know what great bargain you'll find

Items I found on my recent Amish Salvage trip...

(4) 12 packs of Keurig Kcups in various flavors. These are normally $7-9 for 12. I got 48 Kcups for $10!!

(1) Clearasil automatic face wash dispenser with 2 soap refills, that's over 500 face washes on my face. $3.00

(1) 16 oz bottle of French's Worcestershire sauce, $1.50 (not expired!)

(10) packs of expensive gum, Eclipse, Trident, and others $1.00. I saved over $9 on gum alone!!

(4) bottles 12 oz each of various salad dressings, name brands $.25 each! (not expired!)

1/2 lb sugar cane sugar, in a bag. $.89!

1/2 lb fine sea salt, in a bag, $1.89

BB Loreal face cream, SPF 20, $2.00!

Garnier stong hold hair gel, $2

Purina natural cat food, 8 lbs, $2.50! Normally $7.99

(4) jars name brand spaghetti sauces, $1.00 each!

And to many other items to list. Butcher paper, tin foil, olive oils, crackers, baking goods, BBQ sauces, all items I know my household will use. And none of them were expired, I have to check, because I'm funny about expiration dates.

You never really know what you will find at Amish Salvage. During my recent trip, there were so many items (obviously many I did not need) but none-the-less...great deals. I'm talking toothpaste, dental floss, hair brushes, tooth brushes, candy, gum, pasta, rice, dry goods, dog and cat food, cat litter, fancy coffee and tea, shampoo, home-made cheeses, breads, canned goods, beef jerky, jelly, Christmas and holiday items, paper towels, office supplies, laundry soap, skincare items, juices, cocktail mixes, nail polish, party supplies, household cleansers, furniture, picnic tables, benches, shelves, bookcases, make-up, chap-stick, perfume, cologne, even personal lubricant and pregnancy tests! It's that crazy! The items seem endless and the list goes on and on and on...

Items you won't typically find at Amish Salvage

  • Fresh produce
  • Meat

Just plan on buying these items someplace else. Not a big deal, get those items at a local butcher, or other grocery store. Or grown your own veggies!


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