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Suggestions for a Shopaholic: How to Stop being a Compulsive Buyer and Save Money

Updated on June 27, 2013

Feeling sad and lonely, you turn on the television and watch a commercial promoting the latest mobile phone. Hey! You just bought the latest gadget a few weeks ago and here you go again planning on buying another gadget. You know for sure that this will bring you joy and comfort especially that you feel depressed lately. You might be a shopaholic!

A nail art for a shopaholic.
A nail art for a shopaholic. | Source

1. Admit that you are a shopaholic.

Am I a shopaholic or a compulsive shopper? A shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping.

Why is it important to admit it? On the first place, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you don’t have plans in the future to change. Look what’s inside your cupboards.

Is it full of new, unused bags and clothes with price tags on? Look at your shoe cabinet. Do you see some shoes that are not of your size but you bought because it looks lovely to wear? Open your wallet. Do you have the collection of various credit cards from all banks around the world?

You have to be honest to yourself. Admission will not only make you feel free.
Moreover, it will lead you to a realization that there is something you need to
change in your actions and perceptions. Good for you if you are not a shopaholic. However, you can still use the tips below as advice to people whom you know are shopaholics. It’s not difficult to find one around you.

2. Do you need it or you want it?

A need is something that is necessary.

A want is something not necessary but you would like to have.

For example, you need a scarf to keep you warm during rainy days and you want a signature scarf to look fashionable and stunning for a dinner date.

For the meantime, buy only things you need. Ask yourself before buying an item. Do I really need this? I am not saying that you deprive yourself of things you want but because you are a shopaholic. I assumed that you already have lots of things in your room that you want. So, for the meantime that you cannot control yourself, you have to buy only the things you need.


3. Ignore temptations

Reading magazines, buying online and strolling inside the mall are activities that will attract you. The latest gadgets and the new trends in fashion are presented here. These are some of the irresistible things that will tempt you to buy. Since you are on the early stage of learning to control yourself, for the meantime avoid these things. These will distract you on your plan to stop being a shopaholic. You won’t be able to avoid it 100%, so bear in mind rule number 2- that you will only buy those things if you really need it.


4. Learn to say no

We sometimes encountered
peer pressure. A friend called you and told you to accompany her in shopping. As what I told you on rule number 3, you cannot avoid things 100% like going to mall. So, you agree going with your friend. She bought lots of things from different store. Next is she might asked you the tempting statement- “Aren’t you going to buy something for yourself too?” So here goes rule number 4- learn to say no. No, because you already have lots of shoes. No because you just came there
to accompany her.No because you are saving for something important like tuition fee or allowance for next month. By saying no, you will have realization that you have the choice. You can proudly say to yourself that you choose not to buy unnecessary things.

5. Talk about it.

You wouldn’t notice but your excessive buying of things might be one of the reasons why you and your family members- it could be your husband or parents, have misunderstandings.

I know someone who have a "sermon" from her mother. Her mother told her. You bought a pair of shoes again... Do you think you can wear it? You already have a lot of shoes. Why do you have to buy again? Then the daughter answered. "Mom! I only have few pair of shoes" "Oh yeah. You need to buy next a cupboard for your few pair of shoes, " Mom exclaimed.

Money matters are really difficult to handle. You can talk to your family about your plan of changing and they will highly appreciate it.

Due to a trending in compulsive shopping issues, a movie presenting a life of a shopaholic was a sure hit in 2009.

6. Cut your debts

Your way of spending your money is maybe out of the budget that you no longer have enough savings, or worst- you have debts. Try to save some money to settle your accounts. I would advise for you not to use it anymore for shopping. Use credit cards wisely- that is only when you need it and for emergency purposes like hospital bill. If you don’t have cash, think twice before swiping your credit card for shopping purposes.

A Garage sale can help you dispose your excessive things and earn money
A Garage sale can help you dispose your excessive things and earn money | Source

7. Sell, Donate or Give

You have excessive things that you bought for a long time. It's time to let go of theses things. Not only you will earn money on doing so, you will have also more space for your things.

Sell- If the price tag are still there and the item is still in good condition you can still sell it with the same amount when you bought it or at a discounted price. If this is unused you can dispose it at it's fair market value. You can sell it to your friends or post it online via social media networks.

Give- Occasions come and go. You can use some of the unused and in good condition items as a gift to your love ones instead of buying again.

Donate- It would be better if instead of storing it for a long time, you can donate it to those people who are in need. Give it to non government organizations and some charities. Not only you help others but you also help yourself to be free of clutter at home.

Follow all of the above rules and you will graduate from being a shopaholic. Good luck! :>


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    • Maricarmjolo profile image

      Maricar M. Jolo 4 years ago from Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      good luck Reina.. and thanks for dropping by

    • profile image

      Reina 4 years ago

      Thanks for this article. I hope i can do this.