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How to sucessesfully create a Paypal account

Updated on July 16, 2014
The original Paypal logo!
The original Paypal logo!

What is a Paypal? Why create a Paypal account?

Its not possible for companies to send you checks every time you get a payment. There are thousands working in the same forum. Work becomes hassle free and less tedious with the advancement of technology and internet.

Paypal is a website so designed that receives your payments from a source, and deposits the amount into your local bank account, thereby making your work easier, and theirs' faster. It allows you to transfer money to 193 countries and in various different currencies.

The idea is totally outright and an innovative one, most big brands and companies use Paypal system to transfer money and carry out their online transaction. So there you go, your question is answered. This is why you must create a Paypal account.

I have been working on several online websites now and I always find the website stating to create a Paypal account to receive payments.

This hub will guide you on how you can successfully create an account in Paypal and start receiving money online.

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Creating a paypal account is must to receive money from online business!
Creating a paypal account is must to receive money from online business!

How to create a Paypal account?

If you are reading this hub, then I can assume you are not a novice in the internet world. You have created at-least 5 email ids and you are on few social networking sites.

If you have done any of the above, creating a Paypal account will be child's play for you.

Well I should tell you few important things first before you start with the process. This is a total online service. You will have to link your bank account or credit card details to a Online Service.

Do this only if you're above Eighteen Years old, or the specified age to be called an adult in your country! You will be held responsible for whatever transactions occurs to your bank account through Paypal. You cannot blame, either Paypal, Hubpages, or the Author of this Hub. Please use your discretion!

Basic Requirements to make a Paypal account :

1. A working Email ID

2. A personal Bank Account or Credit Card

3. PAN

Lets get started!

Go to: and Click Sign Up. After that, select your Country or Region.

Then choose your type of account. Paypal accounts are of two types. Accounts for Individuals and Accounts for business. Select the type of account you want to create.

A reminder, if you are not an organization or a company, select the Individual type. Freelancers looking to set up a online business may get diverted. Freelancing requires a individual account and not a business.

Fill out the credentials accurately. Make sure you provide the your name correctly. No fancy names to be given here. If you give, you will not receive any payment. Paypal always verifies your personal details which I will explain the next section. Use the name in your as given in your PAN Card(for Indian Users).

Give your correct address. In case transferring funds to your bank account fails somehow, Paypal will send a Demand Draft your residence. You must provide a proper and legal address.

Important: Select an appropriate password. Since this is a very crucial account, one to handle your money and transactions, make sure your take time and follow the instructions guided by the website to make a proper password. Keep it secured. The passwords used to create a Paypal account is generally a long one, if you have problems in remembering it please write it down. Another useful tip for you is never share the email id with which you link your Paypal account. Your email Id will get all important messages from Paypal to verify your Email, or in case you receive an eCheque or you request for a password change.

If you have done all the above, you have created an account in Paypal

How to verify a Paypal account?

When you are done with setting up the account, you must verify the Paypal account in order to get going. Unless you are verified, Paypal will not send you any payment. There are also limits set up to which you can receive payments, hence this is again an important part in the process.

Firstly, click on the verify link you see in the main page of your account after you have logged in.

Firstly verify your Email ID. Then verify your PAN number(if you are from India)/other countries equivalent. Third of all, verify your bank account.

What I did was, I made a new bank account with a low balance to start with Paypal, I will advise you to do the same. Provide your bank account number, and provide the location of your bank. Your bank must have NEFT facilities and must participate in online/net banking!

Paypal will send two small amounts to your bank account withing three to five working days and you will have to put the amount details. Once Paypal checks the information is correct, you are ready to collect online payments and successfully carry out secure online transactions.

You will also have to provide a purpose code, and select out from a list why you want to use Paypal!

Money is floating on the internet! Grab it!
Money is floating on the internet! Grab it!

Stuffs you must always remember!

Never share the Email ID! Beware of phishing in the account. Always log into Paypal through the website, by typing in the address bar. Make sure, you do not give away your password to anyone, even the most trusted friend can betray you when money is involved!

Always use your discretion. Think twice before you send away transactions to any merchant or dealer!

With all these in mind, I guess you have found this hub very useful, if you have any further questions, feel free to comment!

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