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How to take Advantage of Credit Card Companies

Updated on April 24, 2011


Are those high interests rates killing you? Tired of paying on your credit cards only to find out that the interest is higher than the amounts you have paid, causing you to fall further and further into debt. The following steps will allow you to have high balances on your credit cards, but never pay the interest on those accounts ever again. The procedure is simple but does take some management and organization.

Step One: Credit Card companies are always sending you junk mail - right? Applications for you to apply for their particular credit card. I literally get 2-3 every day! Before you rip them up and throw them away....take a closer look at them.

Step Two: There are only two things you need look for on these applications. How much to do a balance transfer & How long will there be NO INTEREST for (usually 6mo to a year or longer!).

Step Three: Keep every application you get that offers NO INTEREST, even the ones you don't use. Now take the best offer out of all the applications you get. Sometimes they will charge you a minimum/maximum fee for a balance transfer, but on a lot of applications I get - they are FREE TO TRANSFER BALANCES!

Step Four: Now the fun part! Transfer your high balanced credit cards (ALL OF THEM) to the one with the interest free credit card (remember it's only free for a time period).

Step Five: Now for the management & organization part! DO NOT FORGET THE TIME FRAME of the FREE INTEREST! When that date comes within a few weeks...TRANSFER THE BALANCE AGAIN!! Remember those applications I told you to save...if you haven't received any other good deals, use those! It's that simple!

I have transferred more than credit card balances...I have used student loans, home equity lines of credit, boat & car loans...of course they have to be down around $20,000 or the credit card company won't accept it - too high. I have also transferred balances up to 5-6 times, there is no limit on this.

Now instead of credit card companies taking advantage of you...take advantage of them!


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