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How to use Paypal safely in Nigeria

Updated on June 5, 2013

When it comes to online payment platforms, Paypal is one of the most popular brands as it is being used in most countries worldwide. Most people nowadays prefer using Paypal to send and receive money online rather than their credit cards because of the better protection which Paypal offers. Besides, the number of online goods and service providers who use Paypal only keeps increasing and this keeps making Paypal a popular means of moving money online.

Sure there are benefits you gain from staying with Paypal but if you are a frequent traveler or plan moving to a new country where Paypal doesn't have much presence, it's best to take some precautions so as to keep your account safe and useful.

One of the countries where Paypal users can't use Paypal effectively is in Nigeria as it's one of the non-acceptable countries meaning that people who use Paypal in Nigeria are more likely to get their account limited.

If you are planning to use your US Paypal account in Nigeria, here are some precautions that can help you avoid having your account getting limited.

Some helpful tips

Get a USA VPN service

A VPN service is one that allows you to change your ip address when using the internet. You can easily get a plan depending on how long you intend using the Paypal account in Nigeria. Try to get a US ip address close to the location or city where you first opened the Paypal account. Paypal normally tracks ip address of users when they log in and if you consistently log in from Nigeria, they may limit your account since they would suspect that your account has been compromised. So, if using a US Paypal account in Nigeria, ensure you also use a US ip address so as to avoid the limitations which may be an obstacle to your account.

Always log into Paypal using a US ip address

Once you have subscribed to that VPN service, ensure you always use it when logging in and out of your Paypal account. You connect to the internet first and then connect to the VPN before logging in to your Paypal account. It is that easy.

Don't use Paypal in a public cafe

If you are used to using public internet cafes back in the USA, don't do the same when you are in Nigeria especially if you are logging into a confidential account like Paypal. This is because those cafes don't offer much protection to users and you could easily get hacked. Same goes even if you are using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Try to get a personal internet connection and even if using a Wi-Fi hotspot, also try to use your VPN connection just try to protect yourself.

Withdrawing from Paypal

If you are in Nigeria, you can still make withdrawals from your Paypal account but still using the precautions already listed above. You can withdraw to your US bank account if you have already linked it to Paypal. You could then send money from your US bank account to an account in Nigeria or better still, making a withdrawal by using a Mastercard or Visa connected to that account. Once your Paypal money has been transferred, you could always withdraw in Nigeria using any of the available ATM centers which are mostly supported by Visa and Mastercard International.

What can Paypal do in Nigeria?

You can still use Paypal while in Nigeria but not for paying for goods or services by local merchants since it is not yet locally acceptable as a local means of payment. You can however use it to send and receive money online among friends and online merchants who offer online services and accept Paypal.

I hope this helps.


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