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How to use small note and coins

Updated on September 16, 2015

What to do with all the notes of small denominations and loose change?

With all the leftover small notes and coins left from all changes from shopping, outside spending, and eating outside, it looks a headache on how to manage it, more so when it is collected and become piled up in your coin box or your money box. Bring it all in your wallet to spend is definitely not a good idea, so these are some of the ways you can implement in dealing with those small notes and coins, and this also can be small basis in managing your budget too. You might be surprise on how these small amount of money brings much benefits to you:

a) Bring it together with big value notes.

When you’re out shopping or eating outside, it is best to bring some loose change with you. Because most of the time, your purchase cost will always requires the use for small change sum. For example if your purchase cost $75.25, then the $5.25 can be paid with your loose change of small notes and coins. That way, you not only can paid the loose cost off, but avoiding more loosely change come to you in form of balance. For example, you paid $80 for items cost $75.25, then you have loose change of $4.75 to manage later and this will increase overtime and you need to try using the loose change in your next shopping.

b) Donate it to charity

Can’t really spent off your loose change? Why not contribute to charity instead? You can donate your small change to a charity donor box, particularly to St John Ambulance or Red Crescent if available. In most business premises there will always be a small coin box requesting your small donation with your kind heart. Those donation can ranges from community help to help to the international victims. So why not donate your small chains to charity instead if you don’t know how to spend it. Of course the more donation you made, the more generous you are.

c) Change it with small business owners

If your current loose change are in high amount it is best to change it with small business owners, particularly the ones who you knows the most who always in needs of loose change for finding balance money to the customers. This way, you not only help your close shop owners, but also helping them in managing their money management efficiently. Subsequently the money you changed from loose change exchange can in turn be used for future shopping or better still, keep in the bank deposit. It can be surprising how quite large amount of loose change can do for you.

d) Save it in bank

Apply this rule when you have high amount of loose change converted into money at least two-digit values, especially after you change it with small business owners. Because most of the time banks finds it difficult to accept loose change or charges customers to deposit loose change, changing it to high value notes prior to deposit is necessary. In some banks, there are coin deposit machine which enables customers to deposit their coins into their account. Of course you need to deposit in high amount so that you can have high savings in your account with your loose change alone.

e) Vending machine spending

With vending machines all around the streets, loose change can be used in spending in low cost provisions like drinks, newspaper, laundry services, food, toys, photography, parking fee, tickets, etc. It is when the use of loose change benefit are at the most high, as these products normally cost less and does not require high sum of money. It is beneficial for small spending but keep watch on how much you spent so that you will not spent more unnecessarily later.

f) Child pocket money

The loose change is also beneficial for your kids spending too, in form of their pocket money. By providing a small amount of money to your kids daily you’re not only spent your loose change well but also limits how much your kids can spent. There is also another benefit from this move, your kids will learn to spend wisely and save their leftover change with their limited pocket money. Who knows, your kids will also be your good example of frugal spending and learn to save?

g) Small tips for shop owners

As you go for shopping and dining many times with your known shop owners, it will be appreciation to either telling them to keep the change which helps in reducing accumulating loose change for yourself or give some tips to the waiter in restaurants or hotel receptionist with your loose change. This is also another effective method to spend your loose change wisely provided you decide frugally how much to give. Try to give in optimum amount for appreciation and for your frugal contribution spending.

Is this articles benefits you on small money management?

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