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How do You Look at Money?

Updated on January 12, 2012

How do You Feel About Money?

For many, they feel negatively about money. I know that I have had a negative energy about it but I am trying to change that.

I feel that money is a tool, much like a carpenters tools. They are neither negative or positive in their own being, but how they are used is where the energy comes in. Are we using the tools we have in life to create a positive energy or negative energy?

Most of us create a negative energy about things in our lives on an unconscious level. It is important to become aware of those energies that we create and turn the negative ones into positive.

How do we change a negative feeling about money into positive? It’s all in our attitude. And is our attitude about it with gratitude and feelings of abundance? Or do we feel that the lack thereof makes us feel poor and needy? When you are paying your bills or paying for something at the store and you are ‘letting go’ of that money to the utility or the store clerk, is it with a feeling of giving away your security? Or do you give it with gratitude that you have it to pay that bill with or buy those groceries with?

See where I am going with this?

Money is energy. And to have a new way to feel about it lets look at ways to make it a positive thing because positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.

In order to keep that supply of positive energy coming into and out of our lives into the universe, we must bring our thoughts around to match those positive thoughts.

Every time you pay for something, say a mantra of gratitude to the universe for the privilege of having that money in your life that makes it possible to have the bills paid and have the things you need to sustain your life.

Let go of the negative thoughts of “they have more money than I do, if only I had some of that, so unfair!” or “I just can’t make it on what I have, woe is me”, etc…

Have you heard the phrase, "Nature abhors a vacuum"?

When you release your money in a positive way, it creates a void that the universe must refill for you.

When you spend your money in a positive manner and don't feel apprehensive about letting it go, it will come back to you multiplied.

So release it with a sense of gratitude. Take care of your needs and wants within reason, it is perfectly ok to give yourself extra things as long as you have that attitude that there will always be more than enough to take care of your needs.

And also, the universe responds in kind to what we give out. If we share our money with others it comes back to us, many times it returns multiplied! So let go of your money with gratitude and love in your heart and you will be amazed at how fast it comes back!

Changing your thought patterns about money will not happen overnight. It takes time to recondition your brain to change. Put a reminder card in your wallet or purse in the area where you keep your money to remind you that you are putting it out in gratitude and love.

Put reminder notes on your desk near where you pay your bills or put it on your checkbook cover. Over time your thought process will change and you will see a difference in your life!


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    • raincity profile image

      raincity 6 years ago

      Not sure I agree but it is something to think about

    • MaryD profile image

      MaryD 6 years ago

      Everything on earth is a form of energy ;)

    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 6 years ago from Queensland Australia

      "Money is energy" mm wonder where you are going with this. Money is a piece of paper we all our values & opinion to it otherwise it is just a piece of paper or coin.