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How To Get Rich Fast

Updated on August 14, 2009

How To Get Rich Fast On The Internet

I have been trying for the last week to look for ways to get money on the internet I have typed in ‘how to get rich fast’ on Google to see what results I get back. This one of the many phrases I have typed in. I thought I would should share some information with you before you try it and waste as much times as I did.

My results for how to get rich fast are... 5.

No.1 of How To Get Rich Fast On The Internet

Surveys: you see loads of sites which promise you that they can give you lots of money for answering surveys. The truth is really different. They either want you to pay for a package which can get you loads of surveys or they want you to sign up and then they won’t give you many surveys to answer. Now I haven’t tried the first one because with 97% of all online proposals of making you rich are scams I’m thinking that I don’t want to give anyone my money on the internet. The second one on the other hand I have tried many times and don’t seem to regulate a proper income...

No.2 of How To Get Rich Fast On The Internet

Casino: this type might actually work I’ve tried it on some online casino’s. It starts of working brilliantly then suddenly you lose all your money. But some people seem to know how to work it and so maybe you would like to give it a go. Apparently your supposed to deposit a sum of £200 for it to work properly. Obviously I didn’t! you should try William Hill Casino, they give you £30 off when you join.

No.3 of How To Get Rich Fast On The Internet

Affiliate websites: these ones I haven’t tried but every time I search the internet they always pop up on my screen and so I think ok I’ll try it as long as its free. They won’t mention any price at first but then when you put in your details e.g. your email address and your first name they give you the price for the whole system… so I back out. Most of these sites have videos posted on their sites telling you why their thing is so great and is the best and will make you millions.

No.4 of How To Get Rich Fast On The Internet

Ad sense: then there’s that kind of thing which you need a website so that adverts can be posted on for people to click on those adverts and the owner of the websites gets revenue. But first you need be people to go on your website and click on the adverts. So your site has to be able to draw people… but how’s it going to do that unless you have experience in these kinds of programs

No. 5 of How To Get Rich Fast On The Internet

Writing: there’s also websites where you can write articles… hey, like this one. But they do not give enough at all you need loads of people to be interested in your writing but if your not J. K. Rowling that can be quite hard.

The point of this article is to give you an insight into the main ways of making money on the internet. Some people may make money on the web but trust me it’s a small percentage… a very small one.


if you know a way of making money online write here...

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    • buckly profile image

      buckly 6 years ago from Amsterdam

      Nope, unless your'e incredibly good at making websites I agree writing is the best way to have some kind of an income dripping out of the internet. Good article :)

    • profile image

      jadyt 7 years ago

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