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How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook?

Updated on January 28, 2012

Marketing a Business on Facebook

We need more friends to improve our business, which may anything offline business or any online kind of business, simply we need more contacts to improve our business, that's why big companies and other ventures keep on initiating parties and other techniques only just to attract more customers. With regard to online business, it may of any kind of sales activity or any business event to create more leads to improve business, social network is the only good way to introduce our business ideas and to get more connections to improve it. To get more leads, we need more 'connections' and to get more business connections, we need to involve in social networking. In this article, we are going to deal about "the king of social network' Facebook. You know one thing; Facebook is the most trafficked networking site today in the world. Anyone with huge contact surely will get benefits indirectly in their business ventures using these contacts. Facebook sets 5000-friend

mark for every user and so one user can gather nearly only 5000 friends in his or her account. But this is not an easy task. One cannot add 5000 friends in just one day or in a month. Facebook has created many obstacles and controls to reach this task to avoid spammers. We will now see the tricks and techniques to get 5000 friends in Facebook in an honest way.

Create a Real Profile First:

You should look Nice to the members of the Facebook first. You should not look like a business people try to sell something using the FB profile. In your profile, you should give real information about your business activity with real photographs from your business and from your personal life, this is the important step to feel trustworthy by the other members in the Facebook who read your profile. If you sell something directly, people really would not get interested in your profile. Be friendly. To make other to know about your business, the only way is to get more friends and to create a network of those friends online to improve and to promote your business.

How to Add More Friends:

If more people become your friends, then only they can view your profile and your business details there in the profile, so you should ask people to add you as friend. Adding all kind of people really would not help you to improve your business, so try to add people who related to your business as your friends. You can do this by using the search area to search the people of your interest by using the keywords and add those people by clicking 'add as friend' button.

It is important to note that adding a message for each of your friend request is important. Clicking 'add friend' button with a message attached to it will give you 70% success because about 30% will ignore or not add you at all, so we can say 2/3rd will accept it. In this way, you should add more friends without violating any of the Facebook policies.

How to attract your Friends socially in Facebook:

After adding more friends day by day, your count will grow gradually, it's okay. The real power in any social network is 'social ' to like other members. How to Socially be? Once you add one friend, you should send him or her one 'thanks' message for their addition of you to their friends circle. Once you become a friend of anyone, there are probabilities that the friends of their network may add you as well as a friend at anytime.

Be Related to People of Your Business:

You and your friends should have a common interest among them and you, then only they will feel interested in talking to you and be related to you and to read your updates about your business. If you have a network of nearly 5000 people of your interest, then there are chances of buying your products by those people are high. This is the very important point to consider. Follow People of your Niche.

Use Chat Facility:

Facebook has a great chat software to use it by the users. This is a great tool with some limitations. Any links send via chat tool would not be permitted and would not be visible for the persons that are in chat. So send any links of websites personally to their email and avoid send them in chat. Chat is solely to converse with your friends, but not to spam them. Be friendly in your conversations. Say Hi or Hello once you found any of your friends online in the chat.

80/20 Principle of Business Promotion:

It is an important point to note that you SHOULD not promote business all the time like any sales activities. Then you have a bad chance to unfriend by your friend. One statistics say that you can post 2 links of your business sales related things for every 8 social posts. This is the 80/20 principle.

Update Frequently:

Frequent updates of your posts make a sense of your friends that you are always active online and so they will follow you and watch you always. Two or three updates per day is enough. It is up to your business or your interests.

Participate in Causes:

Involving in promoting good Causes like Save Tigers or Spread Education and other charity like activities will give a good impression about you among your friends. You can also recruit your friends to involve in those activities. This will give a good name online.

By using the above ways, your friends list will grow, and so you can use these contacts to improve your online business too. Don't be a spammer ever, this will destroy your reputation and will give you a bad name, and after that you will face negative consequences from your friends, such as ‘unfriend’ you, avoiding your updates. Be a good social networker and win in your venture.


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