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How To Negotiate In Any Situation

Updated on October 22, 2011

Mostly every day we have a chance to negotiate one if not many kinds of deals in our lives. And, in order to be successful or thriving negotiators, we need to know the basics of the game.

Rule Number One

Know what you desire and how much you will pay to acquire it. Let us say, for instance, that you want to dicker or negotiate with another person on a cost for an item at a garage sale.

If the item is priced at nine dollars and you find that price to be too high, then your further step is to negotiate it. First, you will need to figure out how much you think that item is actually worth. From there the seller must typically make a counter offer to your four dollar offer. 

If they say eight dollars, then you can say seven dollars and most likely be on your way with your newly-purchased item. You will have saved two dollars off of the original cost, and that is a good start! This is a very simple example of a negotiation.

Rule Number Two

Let us say now, that you have been presented a job, but it is not exactly what you wish. The salary is too low, the time of vacation is not enough, and there are not sick day settlements in the package deal either. Sit down and write precisely what you would like to have in an ideal job. 

Now, keep in mind that the ideal job just exists on television, so this list will be a listing of those things you would like to get.

Now, access what you can do without. Next step, write down the least things you will accept. That is, the lowest salary amount, sick days, vacation time, etc. Also write down if you want some benefits such as stock options and some other benefits too.

Salary Negotiation

Once you know what you must be earning, how do you go about acquiring it? Initiate by being very patient.

When interviewing for a new post, do your best not to bring up payment or salary package until the employer makes you an offer. If you're asked what your salary needs are say that they are open based upon my position and in general compensation package.

Or tell the employer you would like to know more about the responsibilities and the challenges of the job before discussing salary. 

Another option is to tell the employer a salary range based upon the salary research you have done up front.

Once you have received the offer you do not need to accept (or reject) it directly. A simple “I have to think it over” can get you enhance in the actual offer.

How To Good Negotiate A Deal Of House?

Well here below are few points you must consider: Comparative market analysis of houses in the area. Ask your real estate agent or realize through some other sources what other homes in the area are selling for and what they have sold for in the past.

Having such figures in your mind can keep you in good stead during the negotiation procedure. It can be beneficial to either party. A seller may quote the cost of a neighborhood home to validate for his price or show that he is selling for less while a buyer can apply such facts and figures to validate for a lower price. 

How To Negotiate Prices Of The Used Cars?

You should know few tips on how to negotiate used car prices while dealing face-to-face with the used car sales executive on his table. Here, you must keep in mind these basic rules - never show anxiousness or desperation. 

Keep casual and calm, and willing to stage a walk far away from the negotiating table at any point. Now, when the conversation starts, firstly, he will fire a volley of primary questions at you, mostly personal, which must be answered honestly but with a strong attitude. Remember, never to raise your earlier offer until the salesman makes his bidding.

In conclusion, be ready to take and also to give, and, even though chances are against you getting the best deal, at least you can acquire a good deal that you can live with happily.

How To Negotiate Job Salary


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      nurse 6 years ago

      wonderworking tips

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      Excellent tips. Thanks