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Hubpages is better than Triond. A comparison between Triond and Hubpages.

Updated on November 10, 2010

Which one is better Hubpages or Triond?

Triond Vs Hubpages
Triond Vs Hubpages | Source

Triond Vs Hubpages

Back in 2008 I decided to start an alternate income and did some research online to find some good online sites offering alternate income via online writing. I found many sites like Bukisha, Triond, Helium, Xomba and last but not the least Hubpages. I created an account in all these sites and created one article each. As I was a beginner, I was not aware of the intricacies of SEO tactics and online publishing do's and dont's. The article which got most hits was the one which I put in Triond. Since then, I have written over 60 articles in Triond and got close to 1 million views. I completely forgot about all other sites until today.

Today somebody who is currently using hubpages came to Triond forum and bragged about the big kill he is making here. So I thought, wait a minute, I too had two articles written in Hubpages long back. I decided to come here and check it out. I did not know till this point what I was missing.

Over the past 2 years 75% of my online income came from Triond alone. There were lots of problems with their site, article editor, non responsive admins etc etc including some malware attack on Triond's ad server which force every user to think about diversifying their online assets. Today I came to Hubpages and saw that this site has to offer tons of useful features when compared to Triond. We cannot actually compare Triond with Hubpages as there is no degree of quality control in Triond. I recently shifted to adsense and blogs and so far making an average of $20 per day.

Why I want to restart writing for Hubpages?

One simple reason. I fell in love with the organized way in which I can publish my content. Also Hubpages has a better way of organizing stats, less intruding ads in the sites etc. I am sure that there will be quality writers here and I will learn quite a lot of things from this site.

So chears for my second coming to Hubpages.


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