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Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Review Black Friday 2014

Updated on October 17, 2014
Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Espresso
Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Espresso

iJoy 2580 Review

A long days work can lead to a tense and aching back, neck and, shoulders. Besides the pain, this can pose long term health issues. A good massage usually works in relieving the tension. However, it can be both expensive and impractical hiring a professional masseur to work on your back, neck and shoulders every evening. This however doesn't mean that you can't have that well deserved massage anytime you want. The Human Touch iJoy massage chair is designed to provide relaxing pleasure anytime in your home or office. Here's a complete review of this massage chair.

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Human Touch Massage Chair Features

  • Three auto massage programs which replicate four massage techniques of rolling, kneading, percussion and, compression used by professional masseurs. The three auto massage programs are triggered by a 15 minute auto timer shut off feature.
  • Removable back massage softening pad giving you flexibility when choosing intensity of massage.
  • Wheeled massage chair for easy mobility.
  • Built in control panel which provides control at your fingertips.
  • Built in auxiliary power outlet for easy use in different locations. This connects to a power outlet via a 5 foot power cord.
  • Built in cup holder for refreshments when massage is taking place.
  • Power recline for best massage positioning. Chair reclines 113 to 165 degrees.
  • Rich performance PU and SofSuede upholstery that's durable and easy to clean. The upholstery comes in espresso color.
  • Contoured head pillow for added comfort.

iJoy 2580 Black Friday Deals
iJoy 2580 Black Friday Deals


This massage chair comes in a sturdy and durable build. It can hold people of different weights even when reclined without toppling over. The upholstery is easy to clean and doesn't stain easily. In addition, it's designed to provide comfort to the whole body.

It provides 45 minutes of a complete massage. It comes with a built in 15 minute auto timer shut off. The feature automatically switches from one massage technique to another in three sequences. These are refreshing the back, relieve neck and shoulders and, release the lower back. All this is accomplished through human like massage procedures of kneading, compression, rolling and, percussion. This is similar to a complete back, neck and shoulder massage session.

The chair gives you flexibility of choice in different ways. First, the recliner allows you to choose the perfect angle that is appropriate for the best massage experience. Second, the removable back massage softening pad allows you to choose whether you just want a light massage or, an intense and invigorating one.

It can be used in different locations. This is made possible by the wheeled base which makes it highly mobile. It's also necessitated by the built in auxiliary power outlet making it convenient for use in any room with a power source. The 5 foot power cord makes it convenient to power up the chair while placing it at your preferred spot in the room.

This massage chair provides convenience such that you get to enjoy an uninterrupted massage session. The built in control panel allows you to control the entire massage experience at your fingertips. The built in cup holder allows you to bring along your favorite drink for the massage.


The massage chair is designed to release tension in the back, neck and shoulders only. This makes it unsuitable for people who want a massage chair that also works on other body parts such as the legs.

The head pillow isn't adjustable. This can be disadvantageous for people of small stature especially when it comes to enjoying a better massage experience in the neck and shoulders.

Although wheeled, it can be a bit bulky especially if you intend to move it along vertical surfaces such as stairs.

Not satisfied?

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Our Recommendation

The Human Touch iJoy massage chair is designed to provide a massage experience such as that provided by professional back and spine health care professionals. Using the Human Touch robotic technology, the chair brings together technology and back health. Comfort, flexibility and efficiency are key features addressed by this chair. Although it might seem expensive to some, the quality makes up for this. In addition, it will save you money you would otherwise spend on a professional masseur in the long term. Overall, this chair is worth investing in.

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iJoy Youtube Video Review

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