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HyVee (updated 3/13)

Updated on March 13, 2012

HyVee deals 3/13-3/19

HyVee Brands are hilighted this week. Frankly, I don't see much of a discount on most of the items shown. However, here are my favorites:

  • Frying Chicken is $0.69/lb
  • Shredded cheese is 3/$4
  • Yogurt is 10/$4
  • Eggs are $0.99/doz
  • Canned green beans or corn is $0.39
  • HyVee Bagels are $1.38 for a 5 ct.
  • 16 oz sour cream is $0.99
  • 10 stems of daffodils are $2.49

Scotch packaging tape is Buy one at $2.99, get one free!

Pedigree Dentastix, Jumbone, Marrobone or GoodBites dog treats are 2/$6

Deals through 1/24

Buy One Get One Deals

· Kraft String Cheese at $4.99

· Kraft Cool Whip at $2.69

· Nabisco Toasted Chips at $3.69

· Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies at $3.79

· Oscar Mayor Lunchables at $2.00

· Oscar Mayor Meat Wieners, Meat Selects, Turkey Franks or Turkey Selects at $2.69

· Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles at $0.99

HyVee Macaroni and Cheese is $0.33 with in ad coupon, limit 4

HyVee Tortilla Chips or Party Mix is $1.38

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup is $0.39 with in ad coupon, limit 2 per coupon – Go to for $1 off five

Post Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, or Honeycomb cereal is $1.48 with in ad coupon, limit 2

Fast Fixin Breaded Chicken Nuggets or Patties are 10/$10

Michelina’s Entrees are 10/$10 – go to for $1 off 5

Chef Boyardee Pasta with Meat is 3/$3

Two day sale - 12/15 and 12/16

HyVee half gallon is $0.99

Tony’s Pizzas are $0.69

7up 6pks of bottles are $1.88

9 big roll pack of Cottonelle toilet paper is $3.99

Banquet meals are 10/$8

HyVee Garden Salad or Cole Slaw is $0.99/16oz bag

Hormel Always Tender Boneless pork loin is $.99/lb - for $1 off one

Deals through 12/19

Cool Whip is $0.69

HyVee Flour is $0.99 for a 5lb bag

Pepsi 12 pack cans or 6 pack bottles are 4/$9 w/ in ad coupon

Coke 12 pack cans or 6 pack bottles are 4/$10 w/ in ad coupon

HyVee Kettle cooked or regular potato chips are

Betty Crocker specialty potatoes are $0.99 -

Hershey’s are $3 each – Use in ad coupon for buy 2 get one free AND use the buy 2 get one free from last week’s paper.


Philadelphia Cream Cheese is 4/$5

Vitaminwater is 10/$10

HyVee seasoning or gravy mix is 2/$1

Creamette or Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta is $1.38

Buddig Thin Sliced Meat is 2/$1

Jack’s Pizza is 4/$11

Deals through 12/12

HyVee Kidney or Chili style beans are 2/$0.88

7 Up product 6 packs are 4/$10

Knorr Sides are 10/$10

Ragu Pasta is 3/$5 or $1.66 each buy 2 and use a coupon from the 11/13 paper to get free pasta

Barilla Pasta is $1.18

Nabisco Ritz or Snack Crackers are 2/$4 – Go to for $1 off two

General Mills Chex Cereal is 3/$5 – Go to for $1 off two

Dole Premium Classic Salad is 2/$3

Cantaloupe is $1.88

Michelina’s Entrées are 10/$10 – go to or for $1 off 5

Fresh Eggplant is $0.99 each

Fresh Green Peppers are 2/$41

Fresh Cucumbers are 2/$1

Anderson Erickson Dip is $0.98 for an 8oz tub

Sunbelt Cereal Bars are 2/$4 – go to for $0.75

Healthy Choice Soups are 4/$5

Pillsbury cookie dough tubes are 2/$5 – go to for $1.00 off two

Healthy Choice Entrees are 2/$4

Palermo pizzas are 6/$10 – go to for $1 off two

Little Debbie Christmas Cakes are 3/$4

Nestle Single Candy Bars are 10/$5

In Ad coupons

85% Ground beef 16 oz roll is $1.99

Midwest Country Fare Light Brown or Powdered Sugar is $0.99

Keebler Zesta saltine Crackers are $0.99

HyVee Russet Potatoes are $0.99 for a 5lb bag

Buckets of Midwest Country Fare Ice Cream are $3.88

Buy any 2 Ore Ida Potatoes, get 1 free

HyVee Cream Cheese is $0.79

HyVee Grade A Fresh Large Eggs are $0.88

1lb of Imperial Spread is $0.49

12/1 and 12/2 Only

HyVee Butter is $1.88 for a 1lb block

HyVee Flour is $0.88 for a 5 lb bag

8 piece Chicken Pack is $6.99

Dole All Natural Salad blends or Caesar Kits are 4/$5

Banquet Frozen Meals are $0.69

Deals through 12/5

Midwest Country Fare Sugar is $1.49 for a 4lb bag

HyVee Baking Chips are $1.38

HyVee Cottage Cheese is $1.68

Country Pride Boneless, Sckinless Chicken Breasts are $3.99 for a 2.5lb bag

Progresso Soup is 4/$5 go to for $1 off four

General Mills Cereal is $1.99

7up 6 packs of bottles are 5/$10 w/ in ad coupon

Uncle Ben’s Rice is 3/$5 – Go to for $1 off two AND Buy 4 or more and get a coupon for $2 off your next order!

Ragu Pasta sauce is 3/$5

Dannon Yogurt is 5/$Blue Bonnet Spread Sticksa re $0.79

HyVee Waffles are 3/$5

Sara Lee Classic Bread is $1.99

Ball Park Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns are $2.18

Braeburn apples are $0.99/lb

HyVee Grade A Whole chicken is $0.99/lb

Dean’s French Onion Dip is 2/$3 3 – Go to to have a $1 off two coupon emailed to you

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables or Valley Fresh Steamers are $1.38

Saturday, Nov 12 only

7Up products are $0.59 for a 2 liter bottle

HyVee half gallons of milk are $1.28

3lb tube of 80% ground beef is $5.64 ($1.88/lb)

Banquet Frozen Meals are $0.68

Mars Fun Sized Candy bars are $1.99

Kleenex three pack of regular, ultra, or with lotion for $3.69

Xtra Laundry Detergent is 5/$10

Bananas are $0.39/lb

Palermo's Classic Pizza is 6/$10 - go to or for $1 off two

Kraft Singles are $1.99 (limit 2)

slim pickins through 11/15

Post Cereal or Pebbles treats are $1.99 - Buy five and get a coupon at check out for $4 off a future order

Sara Lee Classic White Bread is $1.99

Birds Eye Vegetables are 3/$3

Braeburn Apples are $0.89/lb

Kiwi is 4/$1

Sunbelt granola bars are 2/$4 - go to for a $0.75 off coupon

Thursday (9/1) Only

80% Ground Beef is $1.79/lb sold in a 5lb roll

Dole Iceberg Lettuce is $0.69/head

HyVee Orange Juice is $0.99 for a 64 oz bottle

HyVee Butter is $1.99/lb

Totino’s Pizza Rolls are 10/$10 – Go to for $0.40 off two

Baker Fresh Hamburger or Hot Dog buns are $0.99 for an 8ct package

7up 6 pack bottles are 6/410

Family Size Tostitos, Fritos or Cheetos are 3/$10

Deals through 9/5

California Columbine Red Seedless Grapes are $0.99/lb

Doritos or Ruffles are $1.88 for a 8.5-11.5 oz bag

Pepsi 12 packs of cans or 6 pack bottles are 4/$9 w/ in ad coupon

KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce is $0.99 for a 18 oz bottle

7Up product 12 packs are 4/$11 w/ in ad coupon

Oscar Mayer Meat is 2/$3

Kraft Natural Cheese is 2/$5

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese is 2/$3

Kraft American Cheese Singles are $1.99

Sunbelt Granola Bars are 2/$4

Keebler, Sunchine or Famous Amos Cookies or Crackers are 50% off

HyVee Kettle Cooked or Potato Chips are 3/$4

Van Camp’s Pork and Beans are $0.48 for a 15oz can

Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto’s or Cheerios Snack Mix is 3/$5 6 to 8.75 oz bag

Ball Park Hamburger or Hot Dog buns are $1.88

Coupon policy at Johnson Ave HyVee

Got a response from the manager from Johnson Ave. VERY QUICK response time from both the corporate customer service line and from the store manager, who not only e-mailed but called. All in all, I'm impressed. So here is his e-mail back proving that they do in fact take online printable. Whew!

Thank you for alerting us to an oversight on our part. Our policy is to accept manufacturer coupons that have been printed from the internet no matter the source. Those signs were from several years ago and have been left up mistakenly. We have removed all these from our check lanes. I appreciate you taking the time to alert us. If you have any questions, further comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me here at the store, via email, or in person.

Thank you,

Mike Russell

Mike Russell

Hy-Vee Inc.

Cedar Rapids #1054


New Policy at Johnson Hyvee

I noticed a sign at Johnson Avenue HyVee in CR that they will no longer accept internet printable coupons except for the ones on the HyVee website. I’m hoping that this is limited to this store and hasn't been instituted at other stores. Anyone seen similar signs elsewhere???

I did send an e-mail via the corporate website and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they responded. Here is the response I received...

Thank you for writing Hy-Vee.

I am very sorry that you were disappointed with change in the coupon policy at the Cedar Rapids #1 (Johnson Ave.) store.

Each Hy-Vee store sets its own policies with regard to coupon redemption for situations not covered in the corporate coupon policy.

I forwarded your comments to Dan Fuller, store director of that location so he can review your remarks and contact you. I have also forwarded your message to Dan’s supervisory officers for their review.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience so we can investigate.

Thank you,

Stacie M.

Customer Service Representative

Hy-Vee, Inc

making lives, easier, healthier, happier

5820 Westown Parkway

West Des Moines, IA 50266


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    • cheapsk8chick profile image

      cheapsk8chick 7 years ago

      Have you signed up for their NowWows on your phone? Those have been some pretty incredible deals! Thanks for the post! I'll bookmark & check weekly!