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How to Sell Successfully on eBay -Getting Started

Updated on February 7, 2013

Books are good to sell

One of many books I sold on eBay
One of many books I sold on eBay

eBay Selling and Buying

Selling on eBay sounded beyond my capabilities when I decided to give it a try. Surprise, surprise!! No problem at all. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy the experience and challenge. As my husband says, I have nothing left to sell but HIM!

There are several important factors for successful selling on eBay. First, you really need to describe your articles accurately--the good and the bad. Any misinformation may lead to having your article returned to you. Then a digital camera is essential as good pictures sell your items. I never buy anything on eBay that does not have a picture to view. When you figure shipping and handling costs, do not overcharge as buyers on the internet are very knowledgable in that area. When I see an article I want to buy that is priced fairly low, but the shipping charge is high, I never bid on it even though I want it. If possible, buy an inexpensive scale so you can weigh your items at home and estimate your shipping. The scale I have was bought at an auction years ago and has paid for itself many times over. It only weighs items up to 24 pounds but that is more than enough for my articles. If I would happen to have an item that weighs more than that, I just use my bathroom scale by weighing myself holding the item and myself alone. Then I subtract one from the other. That method does not work well for smaller items.

Another very important factor on eBay is your Feedback score. Whenever you buy or sell on eBay you can receive Feedback. Your actions are judged on: accuracy of description of item, communication with bidders and buyers, prompt shipping, and shipping costs. Not everybody leaves feedback, but I always try to. I am very proud to say that my Feedback Score as of today is 100% and I just received a congratulatory email this week from eBay saying that my customers are very happy, and I can list up to 50 items per month for free!

In deciding how to go about writing Hubs for a lesson on eBay selling and buying, an outline of the Hubs seemed to be the best option. That way, if somebody is interested in only one item in the outline, they can read that one and ignore the other Hubs. The following are Hubs that I will publish within the next few days:

1. Setting up eBay and PayPal accounts.
2. Deciding what to sell.
3. Listing an item for sale
4. Receiving payment and shipping items sold.
5. Giving and receiving feedback.

Hopefully, these Hubs will get you interested in one of my favorite endeavors since retirement. And, also, they should help you make some “pocket money” along the way. Come back and check out my next Hub: Setting up eBay and PayPal Accounts.


©joaniebaby - 3-2-12


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    • joaniebaby profile image

      joaniebaby 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comment Rochelle Frank. Please accept my apology for not replying sooner but I am still learning the basics of the Hub community.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 5 years ago from California Gold Country

      I'm going to read all of your eBay advice. I might like to try it. I once read about a man who specialized in picking up old books from garage sales and thrift stores and did pretty well in selling them on eBay. He liked books better than other articles because they were similar in size and shape --so were easy to store and ship.

      I bought an old children's story book in eBay last year that my sister had talked about for years and years as her favorite (she's 77). I paid a lot for it-- but her surprise and happiness was priceless.