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Separating the Riff From the Raff in Jobs

Updated on March 16, 2015
Good job or bad job? One needs reasoning skills to determine.
Good job or bad job? One needs reasoning skills to determine. | Source

I knew it all about employment at age sixteen

Thinking back, I cannot believe how I was such a jerk at age sixteen. My (deceased now) mother did everything to teach me about scams, yet I did not see it. She allowed to read almost anything, which gave me the background to figure out what was trash and what was a scam, with assistance from her.

There was a scam in every classified section. "Make $2000 per month working part-time. No experience required". Yeah, right and the tooth fairy exists as well!

One of her favorite sayings was, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it is." Valuable information for a mind undergoing the massive changes of adolescence. Still, this advice made me think.

At age 16, I applied at a local family-owned doughnut shop and was permitted to work Saturdays and Sundays with hours that did not disturb sleep needed for high-school. (I developed a hearty life-long dislike for doughnuts at this place after eating too many free ones, by the way!)

A Whole New World of Employment

Now, everyday newspapers complain of declining revenue. Duh! Go figure! The stories featured in papers can be had on the Internet. Plus, employment-wanted advertisement trash control should be required! How true are these advertisements?

At least with the Internet and e-mail, one can easily filter out e-mail messages. Generally, the online job agencies (Monster, Dice, etc) have places where you can complain about a company and get them banned. (Sadly, they do spring back under other names quickly.)

Internet Application Policies Need Changing

Now, in applying for positions on the Internet, I have several complaints:

1. Many require you to put in your Social Security Number.

Since the US Government, IBM and many other companies have been hacked, how do I know this information is safe? I realize these companies do not want to hire illegal aliens and face stiff penalties, yet I have my identity to protect.

2. Upload resume is often a feature on company Web sites.

Yet these companies insist that you re-enter all your information on their form. This chance for a position often wastes an hour of time.

3. A skills or "honesty" test is required.

For a chance at the position, a skills or "honesty" test is often required. This wastes an additional hour of time for the applicant.


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