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I read America is getting poorer? How many of the Americans agree to it? If yes, then who is responsible for this?...

Updated on May 18, 2009

US Economic Recession

A few days back, I read in a newspaper that America is getting poorer. the percentage of poor people is increasing in the United States. More and more people are now taking to soup. If it is a reality, then who is responsible for this?

Are George Bush's policies the main reason behind this slump that the United States of America is currently facing. or the war on terror in Afghnistan and Iraq are the culprits? But if the US regime is spending too much on military expenses, even then who is to blame?

What do the common Americans think of it? What is their perception on the state of economy of their dear land?

America has led the world in everything, be it economy, politics, democracy, military, technology, advancement, enrichment, growth, space and even in war. There is no area that is deprived of the US presence. WHY IS THE US facing such a scenario?

Well, long time back, the economic recession that hit the United States has affected the entire world. The economic recession has made all nations, except China, poorer.  The dwindling US economy and the overburdened expenditure on military, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, have cost the nation dear. To add insult ti injury was the housing crisis -- the real estate crisis -- which hurt the economy and its people badly. When the US is affected, can other nations lack behind? No, the economy of every other nation showed signs of downfall and slid to its lowest ebb in many cases.

More so, the repercussions are now that the new Obama-led government  is tightening its screws and cutting on the expenditure in a different manner. No matter the war in Afghanistan and Iraq continue, in fact, it has been expanded to Pakistan, the expenditure on military has also increased, but the real sufferers are countries to which US firms and corporate houses outsource. Will the outsourcing industry be the biggest loser in this debacle?


US economic recession

US economic recession
US economic recession
economic recession in the US
economic recession in the US
US economic recession -- the world 2 suffer
US economic recession -- the world 2 suffer


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    • profile image

      JSW Ivine 5 years ago

      I have left america in year 2010 for England after losing my Job as an Financial Analyst. I am now living a gr8 life here in the UK for free. want to know more then visit by blog on http://www/

    • profile image

      Michiel 6 years ago

      We are almost with 7 billion people on earth.

      It's not just America, here in europe prices of food, water, electricity, rent, etc... are also on the rise.

      We don't make more money so life is getting harder.

      Things won't get cheaper, maby a sudden drop in prices but in the long run everything gets more expensive.

      America is loosing a lot of money on the war and the prison system.

    • profile image

      Allan E. 7 years ago

      When Bush was about to start the war with Afghanistan and Iraq, I remember a lot of people did warn of the huge costs and might bring the US economy down. Now it has happened.

    • profile image

      john 8 years ago

      america should send more toops in afghanistan to stablise the situation

    • joel_berry925 profile image

      joel_berry925 9 years ago from san diego california

      America is in financial servitude to other countries b/c it chooses to define the "all American America" by outsourcing jobs to other countries. If America truly wanted to better its self we would point the fiscal inquisition inwards. Since its conception America has had a very small population looking out for themselves. By no means did this all develop in the past fifty years. This is not only the story of America but the story of all societys.Using outlets like the media to distract its citizens like cats with a ball of political string and tales of the scary forigners and theyre money hungry grab at a chance at theyre own slice of Americanna. The truth being if all Americans and people in the world wanted to stamp out ignorance on the worlds injustices they would look inward. If you yourself strive for truth of your own accord there would be nothing stopping americans from aquiring the real altruisms of modern fallacies. The governments that are in power are in place due to the simply fact that americans value the luxury of having the right to be wronged without any reprocussion beyond a consumerist yawn at being violatedon a daily basis.

    • profile image

      Ant. 9 years ago

      Well I do agree that our government has been screwed up for many years, no matter how many Americans are in denial about this, the fact is; it’s true. The thing is, although we weren’t doing badly in the past, every civilization reaches its golden age and then collapses on itself; its life. This unfounded war on terrorism is really killing us; we don't even get to choose how our tax dollars are spent! They spend it all on the war. We are only in the Middle East for the Iraqi oil which is not right; our government is too cheap to invest in using solar, hydro electric, and wind energy which is why we are in this pickle today. America's beautiful, but our government continues to become more corrupt, and yes we are poorer than we’ve been for a while!

    • bhalla_neet profile image

      Ravneet 9 years ago from Delhi

      Thanks for this beautiful reply dear.Cheers!

    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 9 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Inflation is up, everything cost more that is true, but the low dollar is good for manufacturers. Gold rose to $928 per ounce in this month so that has been good to mining communities like Elko, Nevada. People are generally not richer but there are more jobs creating a healthy economy. Right now Elko is actually going though a building increase. Homes are more affordable in suburbs around Elko (20miles) like Elburz and River Ranch. :)

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 9 years ago from Cumbum

      Dear Neet, I think that only the current dollar value of US has come down. I hope it may take few years to rebulid the economic condition.