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Need extra money for Christmas gift?

Updated on April 12, 2015

I need to earn with few or no capital at all

Last night, my 5th grader nephew and I talked about money for Christmas shopping. She shared to me that she needed money for Christmas to be able to buy gift for her parents. This was the only time that I saw her staring at me blankly as if she is really carrying a heavy cross on her shoulder. It appeared that her stare was telling me... "I need to earn money but I don't know what to do." I don't even know how would I react at first but later on I was able to find an appropriate response to her concern.

This situation was a blessing in disguise. I thought of things that might be in the mind of other children who just want to give a simple gift to their parents.

How will my nephew earn money to buy presents to her loved ones? How can she do this if she does not have any capital at all?

My answer to my nephew was simple yet attainable. I told her about collecting used and old things from their home but of course she needs to ask permission from her parents first if they will allow her to give those things away.

The idea is to sell those used and old things. She was really excited to start the first step right away. I told her to listen to me first and list down all the necessary steps on how to run her first "small business".

Here are the guidelines on how to start on your GARAGE SALE project:

1) Tell your parents about your plans and tell them that they can be of help if they will allow you to collect those old and used things in your home. Of course, they will ask you about the money that you will earn, tell them that you are just trying to help them clean up the "not so important things" to make space for a new one and this will also benefit other persons too by buying these things for a low price. Who knows some kids and people wanted to have that thing for a long time but don't have enough money to buy those. (I told her about the difference of white lie and the bad lie. I told her that we are going to tell your parents about the real reason of this garage sale after giving them the presents. In addition to this, I reminded her about the value of honesty so she would not get the idea that its okay to lie.)

2) Thank your parents and other family members who will share their old and used things just to support you with your endeavor.

3) Collect them all and sort it out. Group them into their respective category like, toys, clothes (for baby, teens, adult), accessory, tools etc.

4) Write a tag price for each item. Make sure that it's a reasonable price. You can ask an adult like your parents to help you with pricing of the item.

5) Put it in a box. One box per category.

6) Schedule the day of garage sale. You can consult your parents on this matter.

7) Prepare a belt bag to put your earnings. Wear it on that day.

8) Make a sign informing your neighbor or other people about your project.

9) Prepare a tape measure and put it in your belt bag so that when a buyer is not sure about the measurement of the clothes then you can help them on this matter.

10) Ask an adult to assist you on that day.

11) When that day comes, be proactive. Smile and be more patient. There might be customers or buyers that are difficult to deal with. If ever, they want to return the item and ask for their money then you can give it back with the condition that its in a good condition. You can give return that day but not on the next day anymore. Remind them about this rule when their about to pay for the item.

12) After a long day, be mindful of your earnings. Compute it and place it in a safe place. Thank your parents or adult that assisted you on your project.

After giving these guidelines, she went to her parents right away and shared to them about her project. Until now, I still don't know if she get the approval from her parents. But one thing is for sure, she will do her best to convince them.

Whether she got the approval or not, I am ready with my next suggestion to help her earn money with no capital at all for her Christmas shopping. I hope this thing will work for her so that she can give her parents that presents she wants to give them.


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