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Updated on January 10, 2011

There are shares / stocks you can invest in and never have to worry about political crisis and economic crisis. Investing in shares can be risky for the ‘buy and hold’ class of share investors but, definitely not for you as you are actively looking for tips on how to invest in shares during the time of economic trouble. This is proved by the fact that you are reading this share investing article and have read thus far.

The buy and hold kind of share investors stand to lose because share prices don’t easily bounce back after any major economic or political crisis. It takes sometime for the economy to fully recover from the effects of political, religious or economic crisis.

However, there are investment strategies that can be employed by any serious investor to keep smiling each time he or she takes stock of the portfolio of shares. Shares that don’t lose much value- if at all- during the period of instability are shares / stocks of companies operating in the industries listed below:


  • Educational sector: no well meaning parent or guardian would watch his or ward grow up without education regardless of the prevailing economic condition. The worst that can happen is that parents whose children are in expensive schools will withdraw them from those expensive schools and fix them in cheaper schools. This action will not affect the consumption of educational products as people still learn. This then means that those companies in this sector will still be making the required rate of return as measured by dividend yield and capital appreciation.
  • Communication sector: people’s needs for communication will not be seriously affected by economic depression and investing in shares of communication sector would not be a bad idea.
  • Food industry: no industry can beat the returns of food industry as people off all tribe eat as and when due. It is only when a fasting is declared that people would go hungry. You will not regret investing in the shares of these companies as long as the management team is concern.
  • Financial services: the quest for good financial advice makes people always seek the service of financial consultants. The problem however is that most consulting firms are not public companies and this makes it difficult for people to buy into their companies.
  • Security / fraud fighters: one of the off-springs of economic crisis is that fraud and financial insecurity will be on the increase and corporations spend even more on security and fraud prevention services. This is also like the consulting sector discussed above.
  • Building and real estate: housing is a necessity that would always be satisfied regardless of the economic condition.


  • Entertainment: entertainment would always be flourishing as people want avenues of shedding some of the stress and tensions of life. 
  • Transportation: people will always move about for their normal businesses. Investment in Transportation Company will yield good returns.

Investing in the shares of companies operating in any of these industry or a combination of the industries will ensure that you invest in the common shares of companies that will still remain profitable no matter where the economy eventually turn.

Entities that are dealing on foods and beverages for instance will always be doing relatively well irrespective of the general economic condition. One thing that I will like to tell you here is that you cannot eliminate stock market risk by buying one or two shares of entities. For you to be in a position to reduce unsystematic risk from your stock portfolio, you need to invest in the stocks of companies that cut across various sectors of the economy.

Again, you cannot gain from the shares of entities if you don’t buy the shares in the first place. This is to say that action is required from you.

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