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Ideas for Kids to Make Money During Spring and Summer School Breaks

Updated on February 24, 2013

"Under Age" Kids Can Earn an Income Too

Many children who are under the age requirement to obtain official “working papers” are capable of working - and want to work - to earn some spending money. In doing so, they will also begin to learn work ethic and maybe start a savings plan too.

Below you will find important information to get started, creative ideas for kids to earn an income, PLUS sample flyers to use for marketing.

My "Kids": Two nieces, five nephews and one great nephew!

Bradley, Michael, Kevin, Tiffany, Zachary, Billy, Jenna (in front) and Owen (in the air).
Bradley, Michael, Kevin, Tiffany, Zachary, Billy, Jenna (in front) and Owen (in the air). | Source

I Love My Nieces and Nephews

Most of my nieces and nephews are older now and eligible to officially work on a payroll (except for Bradley & Owen). But they have all gone through that time in their lives when they needed and/or wanted money for things that there parents OR AUNTIE could not justify spending money on or simply could not afford.

Parental Involvement

Prior to encouraging and/or allowing your child to work, be certain that it will not interfere with their education/school obligations.

This is an exciting time for children when they have the opportunity to earn some money. The most important parental concern should be the safety of your child. Determine if any work your child may be doing requires adult supervision. If so, do not allow them to proceed until you confirm that this supervision is in place.

Always get to know and trust the people your child will be working with. Know exactly where they will be at all times. Ask questions and make sure the job your child will be doing includes all necessary safety equipment. Be sure that whatever job your child takes on, that it is age appropriate and suitable to their physical abilities.

Child's Savings Account

Starting a savings account in the child’s name can be extremely rewarding and an excellent learning tool. Many financial institutions do not charge fees for a child’s account, and they offer a high interest rate as well.

Allow the child to go in to the bank with you and walk up to the teller to make their deposit. This will give your child a huge sense of accomplishment while learning critical skills they will take into adulthood.

The Benefits

Kids who find opportunities to make money working during their school breaks benefit in many ways. Not only will they be able to have money for things they may need or want, but staying active physically is a huge benefit and helps the fight against childhood obesity. Another benefit is they will learn to appreciate the value of money. They will begin to learn necessary social and marketing skills. They will learn to set goals and budget their finances, become more responsible and develop a strong work ethic. AND, the sense of accomplishment they will gain will be invaluable.

Buddy Up

Many of the job ideas would be great to do with a friend or sibling. You just need to make sure that the profits are split fairly and that you respect each other as coworkers in a proper manner.

Ideas for Kids to Earn Money During School Breaks


Babysitting is a common way to earn money!  Great Nephew Owen
Babysitting is a common way to earn money! Great Nephew Owen | Source


Working as a babysitter is a common job for many teenagers.

Successfully completing a babysitting course will ensure the proper skills are obtained. There are even online courses available nowadays.

Washing, Waxing and Detailing Cars

So many people cannot find the time to properly take care of their cars. Offer your services to wash, wax and detail (the inside) of your family and neighbor’s cars.

If you come to work with your own supplies, remember to charge more for your services.

KEEP IN MIND: If you do a great job the first time, you will likely be called back to do the same job again.

My nephew Zachary and his friend Brittany.    Zak is still in high school but working for a multiple home owner helping him with landscaping his properties.  Zak is able to attend school dances, buy clothes, take driving lessons, and save money too!
My nephew Zachary and his friend Brittany. Zak is still in high school but working for a multiple home owner helping him with landscaping his properties. Zak is able to attend school dances, buy clothes, take driving lessons, and save money too! | Source

Yardwork & Landscaping

~ Clear yards and flower beds of leaves and debris

~ Spreading mulch

~ Mowing grass

~ Fertilizing grass

~ Watering

~ Pulling weeds

~ Rototilling

~ Cleaning gutters

~ Shoveling snow

~ Filling bird feeders & bird baths

There are many ways to earn extra money by helping family and neighbors with yardwork and landscaping.

Pets/Animals/Farm Hand

~ Pet sitting

~ Walking dogs

~ Exercising horses

~ Bathing/grooming dogs or horses

~ Cleaning up dog poop

~ Cleaning horse stables

~ Feeding farm animals

Depending on where you live, there are all kinds of jobs when it comes to caring for animals. You may find an elderly person in the city who needs someone to walk her dog and clean up the yard. In the country, a farm owner may need help with the farm animals, etc.

Ebay and Auction Websites

Gather items that you no longer want such as toys, books, etc., and sell them on eBay. Be sure to determine if the site requires parental permission first.

Home Upkeep

~ House cleaning

~ Carpet cleaning

~ Window washing

~ Power washing

~ Painting inside/outside

~ Garbage & recycling

~ Handyman assistant

Many people need help with these types of home maintenance jobs. You may be able to complete these jobs on your own. Yet, some homeowners may even be interested in having you work directly with them assisting with special projects.

Nephew Billy and great nephew Owen digging for worms.  Maybe Owen will own a Bait & Tackle Shop one day?
Nephew Billy and great nephew Owen digging for worms. Maybe Owen will own a Bait & Tackle Shop one day? | Source

Bait Business

If you live in a community near a lake or river where many people go fishing, get your hands dirty and start digging for worms, night crawlers, insects, etc. Sell the bait to your family and neighbors.

In addition, you can incorporate selling canned sodas and munchies to all that come by.


Are you extremely skilled at certain subjects. No doubt, there are many younger children who could benefit from your expertise. You could be a great asset to parents who have a difficult time helping their children with their school work!

Vegetable Stand

People love home grown fresh vegetables. Grow your own garden and set up a vegetable stand where you can sell your goods.

You could also sell other things such as lemonade or even plants and flowers. Be creative. People love stopping at roadside stands.

Garage Sales

Ask your family and extended family to clear out their unwanted household items to set up a garage sale. Negotiate a percentage that you will make for selling their goods. This is definitely one of those jobs where it would be beneficial to have several people working with adult supervision.

Garage sales/yards sales can be a lot of work. Yet they can be very fun, profitable and rewarding. Please see my article SUCCESSFUL GARAGE / YARD SALES Detailed Do's and Don'ts where you will find everything you need to know.

Birthday Parties

Do you have a knack for working with younger children. Parents could save a lot of money by having their kids birthday parties at home. And you could be their assistant by helping with the set up (and clean up), decorating, etc.

Also, you could dress up as a clown to entertain the party goers. All eyes will be on you if you can do some magic tricks and organize some great games for the kids to play.

In Conclusion ~ Marketing With Flyers

Many children are fascinated with the idea of being an entrepreneur. Successful business people must have good marketing skills. Creating an advertising flyer is a great first step.

Flyers can be delivered in mail boxes and posted at places such as the senior center, grocery store, laundromat, and other similar locations. Below are two sample flyers to get you started.


Thank you so much for stopping by. I wish you much success earning money during school breaks!

This is Sharyn's Slant


Created by Sharyn's Slant
Created by Sharyn's Slant


Created by Sharyn's Slant
Created by Sharyn's Slant

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