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Ideas to Work from Home: Part Six

Updated on April 3, 2013

Part Six

We all dream of firing our bosses and working for ourselves but some people just don't know how to begin that process. In this series of Ideas to Work from Home posts you'll find some ideas on how to work for yourself. Keep in mind you will need to do complete research on your state's requirements to starting a business so these ideas are only meant as 'idea starters' to get you motivated.


Even small business owners need collection letters written every now and then. The services you provide could be competitive, if not cheaper, than retaining the services of a larger collection agency that will only half way do the job correctly.


One thing contractors have to always make sure they do on a jobsite is cleaning up after the job is done. Most know it’s a requirement of the job but they still hate to do it. So getting your name out there as an independent contractor that will handle the clean-up should be relatively easy. They simply call you when their job is done to come clean up. You’ll need a truck and a few tools but that’s about it. Make sure to get the business cards too.


People will pay as much for a dog walker as they will a babysitter. Believe it or not, pet owners regard their pets as an extension of their family so there is nothing they won’t do to ensure their pets comfort. Some pet owners work crazy hours so it’s in their benefit to have someone stop by to let their pet out for potty or playtime.


Whether it be an internal memo or an external newsletter on the business or organization, a great way to keep their name in the public eye is to provide information often about the happenings going on.


This is a new and upcoming market as everything is going video so why not capitalize on that? There are so many things that people will pay to video all in the name of making memories.


You could write wedding announcements, graduation announcements or just about anything that can be “announced.” Some people don’t have the time and some don’t have the “skill” so you step in, charge a minimal fee, and write the announcement for them.


If something has just been built, they will need a paint job. If someone is looking to update their dwelling, they will want a paint job. If you simply want to go out and paint a hop-scotch on an apartment complex sidewalk, they’ll want a professional painter to do it. Even if you want to start small and paint a room, you can still be a painter.


Nothing tells mom you love her more than a day out sans the kiddos. Start a day sitting service for moms day out. Check your state's regulations on childcare.


Homemade dolls are a growing market. If you can sew or have an original doll idea, you won’t believe the market available to you. Even if you just start out selling your dolls at flea markets, online, or even Ebay; you’re sure to find a market for your dolls.


This is a pretty nifty field to get into as you can do it from anywhere. An example would be someone who rents their cabins out to tourists or vacationers. If they have their info online they will want someone to take calls or schedule reservations. This isn’t like a hotel; it’s more personable because the cabins are typically rented out for a week or two at a time. The owner may also want you to schedule maid services once the guests have checked out.

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