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Identity Theft 11 Ways to Prevent It From Happening to You

Updated on January 21, 2015

Identity Theft Prevent It From Happening To You

Identity theft is a serious crime and continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, over 20.6 billion crimes includes disrupting your finances, credit history, and reputation. The definition of identity theft is a crime of obtaining someone personal, or financial information and using it for their own personal use and taking that persons name. that can include credit card fraud, bank fraud, government document, loan and benefit fraud. You might think that it just happens online, most of these thieves use low-tech tactics such as looking in your trash bins for receipts and or bank statements, credit card statement, or picking your pocket or reaching in your purse when your not looking. There are lots of people men or women, young adults and children, and even people who are deceased can become a victim of fraud.

Don't Let This Thief Catch You Off Guard. BEWARE!!! There Lurking Around You.


How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

When giving out personal information, over the phone, emails, mail, or in person. Scam artists are always coming up with some new way to commit a crime, and take advantage over an unsuspecting victim.

Always Check all Your Bills and Bank Statements.

Check your credit card bills and bank statements as soon as you receive it, make sure that you check for any unauthorized charges or any withdrawals that you did not make, and call the company and report it right away, if your mail is not arriving on time check to make sure it has been sent out to you at the address you gave them.


Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

Protecting your Social Security number.

Don’t carry your Social Security card, and keep anything else that might have the number on it. There may be someone lurking around you looking from behind now thieves are taking a picture of your info right behind you, so be safe. When applying for instant credit they will ask for your Social Security number make sure no one is standing behind you listening.

What’s in your Trash

Dumpster-diving is common now with people diving for personal information, looking for your credit card offers, and old bank checks that you no longer use, remember to shred or destroy any previous bills and bank statements before throwing them away.

Keep All Information Safe

ATM Banking Debit or Credit card usage

For your personal Pins number don’t use weak pin number like the year you were born, or birth dates, or your initials. would not be a good idea use caps, lowercase letters, number and symbols like @#%&_+.

Online Job Hunting

Applying online for job puts all your personal information out their, so be careful, and if possible know if it is a legitimate offer, and do your research before applying..

Receiving a Text Message

Beware if you receive a message with someone asking for personal information such as your bank account, telephone number, or asking you to pay any amount of money through your credit cards, don’t give out any personal information.

Protect Your Computer

Protect Your Computer

Make sure your have a good firewall, anti-virus, and an anti-spyware, and stay up on updates, and download from sites that you know and trust, and don’t click on spam e-mails or pop-up windows.

Stay with your Computer

If your at a public hotspot or using a public library when your checking on any personal site where people are walking and looking over your shoulder, and never leave your computer alone.

Using caution on the Web

Shopping online beware of putting personal credit card information and read the privacy policy and enter only on secure Web pages that uses encrypt to transfer your data. Enter personal and financial info only when there is a lock icon on the browser status bar, and look for the URL to read https:// versus http:// remember the S means secure.

Here are a few sites I have put together to protect your Identity.

You can obtain all 3 reports for free every year at

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