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Winning Millions of Dollars and How it Might Change Your Life

Updated on July 17, 2016
Ever wonder what 80 million dollars would look like?
Ever wonder what 80 million dollars would look like?
Your piggy bank wouldn't look the same.
Your piggy bank wouldn't look the same.
It might even change what toilet paper you choose.
It might even change what toilet paper you choose.

It Isn't Going To Change Me

Everybody dreams about winning the lottery. I have heard conversations about what this person would do and what another person would do. Some people tell stories about buying that new house and car. Some talk about helping family members and then taking a vacation. Then others say that they would put a new playground or other community place in their town that is needed.

Beyond that, nobody gives it much more thought than that about what happens when you win a load of money. I have done some research about actual people who have come into millions of dollars, and how it effected their lives. It was eye opening and though provoking. It actually made me think about becoming independently wealthy, and if this would be something that I would wish for my family. Here are some of the results, and I am not going to give any details as to who these people are or where they got their money, just some of the results.

One family came into a whopping 80 million dollars. The gentleman, who did not like his day job much anyway, decided to not go to work anymore. He did the usual buying of a house, put new furnishings into it, and bought a new truck. He then spent one full year sitting on his couch staring at his television, for he had no clue as to what he really wanted to do with his life now that he did not need to spend every minute at work.

After the year of television, he got his wits about him and decided that he had seen all the television he wanted and was now bored. He had been doing some thinking while watching his programs though, and it was a good thing for he now felt that he wasn't just spending because he could and he had given himself the time to let it soak in. He felt like he had actually been in some sort of emotional shock, and had almost fallen into a fear of doing anything for that year.

Because he realized he could do anything in the world he wanted it had literally scared the crap out of him, but knowing is half the battle so they say. He then began a tour of seeing every place first in the United States, then in the world that he had wanted to see.

Another family said that after winning 34 million dollars, they were the most popular people they knew. They said that they began getting letters, and I am talking about a lot of letters, every day in the mail. They said that between the personal letters from individuals with hard luck stories, and more personal letters from people who had good ideas that needed backing, and business letters from investors, financial planners, stock brokers, banks, lawyers, and so on. They said that they got nearly a mailbag full of mail almost every day.

Beside the difference in the mail, they came from a town that was not very big and were known by everyone in town. They became famous overnight. They also were hit up by not only family members with money problems, but family members with money problems that they did not know existed before that.

They said that it took them about two months to find the house that they wanted,.and the one they decided to buy was in a different location. They felt uncomfortable with knowing that a lot of people knew them and knew that they were wealthy and did not feel secure anymore. They did decide to help their son and put him into a business that he could do well with, and told him to make it work.

They said that before this, they had always dreamed about being lucky and winning the lottery so that they did not have any worries, but they said that having money was way more taxing (no pun intended) then they had anticipated. Once they had made financial portfolios for each of them, they found that they had to spend a certain amount of money so that taxes didn't eat them alive. It took a certain amount of imagination to spend that cash, but finally they began supporting a couple of charities that they had always felt were worthy, and they put all new computers into the school that their son had gone to.

Everybody I read about said the same thing in regards to becoming rich. It wasn't as much fun as people might imagine. All of them also said that with money came responsibilities beyond what they had ever known about.

Another family I researched actually did stay as close to the same as anybody else that I read about. They did buy another house, and it was twice the size as their old one, but they also bought a lot of land that came with it. They bought a ranch, and made it a working ranch. They started themselves off with the animals and equipment that they needed and are still there today, and they did this several years ago.

It is the people who can do that sort of thing that will remain unchanged by their new found wealth. These are the people who knew what made them happy to begin with, and the money facilitated that happiness, and they did not try to use the money to make themselves happy, trying to search for things that made them content.

I noticed that those who had contacts with their communities, those that had been working to get the homeless problem fixed, or contributed time at the beach cleaning up with the other environmentalists, that had not as much of a problem for they knew what hole needed the money so to speak. They had already invested time, and now invested money too.

There were people who quit their jobs and there were those that continued working only because they loved what they were doing. They worked and we know it wasn't for the money. There were people who turned their homes into castles, and those who were never home because they turned vacation into an every day of the year thing.

It was a very personal thing what changes the money brought. One thing is for sure though, and that is that every single time, the money did bring change. There was not one case that I studied that the person stayed the same. Most people admitted that the cash did not solve their problems, but in truth, actually made their problems bigger. They said that perhaps it solved the small problems, but brought on bigger ones.

So maybe we should think about what we wish for, for we might get it.


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  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 5 years ago from ventura., california

    Many families had less money troubles, or at least got their debts paid, but many had splits in the families for they found that they had to separate themselves from those who always had their hands out.

  • T4an profile image

    T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

    Very good hub. I have heard many times how winning the lottery was more of curse than anything. Still, I would like to find out for myself if that is the case.

  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 6 years ago from ventura., california

    Yes, the dollar bill is not the most important thing in the world. Even though people seem to think that money would make them happy, the truth of it is that it might pacify them for a minute and then the same empty feeling they had before will creep back in.

  • marcoujor profile image

    Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

    I think this is wonderful testimony to the fact that happiness and fulfillment comes from within. Money and material possessions are fine, when kept in proper perspective. They are never a substitute for who we are or how we conduct ourselves, or at least I don't think they should be.

    This was great food for thought! Thank you.

    Voted UP & UAB. Have a good day, mar.

  • profile image

    SusieQ42 6 years ago

    Ah, yes, I knew someone who won the lottery. He got sucked into a woman so-called investor who was going to help him and now he's six feet under. She shot him, duh...

  • kingis profile image

    Patrick King 6 years ago from Springfield, IL

    Good hub. It was very interesting research about the families. Keep up the good work.

  • Mohammad Mohsin profile image

    Mohammad Mohsin 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

    woo... interesting hub