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If This Doesn't Scare You Into Renter's Insurance, I'm Not Sure What Will

Updated on June 27, 2012
You can see my lovely smoking porch... or, eh, platform?
You can see my lovely smoking porch... or, eh, platform?
You can see our bed from here, which expands into a small den, as pictured below
You can see our bed from here, which expands into a small den, as pictured below
The small den connected to our bedroom, and the intruded window.
The small den connected to our bedroom, and the intruded window.
Our actual living room.  And our cat, PJ :) To the right you will see the main door, which was left open.
Our actual living room. And our cat, PJ :) To the right you will see the main door, which was left open.

Although there is a backstory...I'll skip to the main event.

Having enjoyed my cozy night in my 1000sqft house-like apartment, I smoked one last cancer stick outside, and climbed into bed. My boyfriend had already made a commitment to sleep, twitching and slightly snoring right beside me. Sounded like the right time to do a crossword puzzle to me, so I did just that.

To my hour and a half had passed, leaving me with a newfound craving for nicotine and an unfinished crossword puzzle (easy edition...yeah, right). Now one in the morning, I tip-toed through the house to be sure I didn't wake the residents upstairs. The house we shared (which was split into two separate apartments) was old and creaky. I sat on our porch for a few minutes, finished my cigarette, and back to bed I went. I flipped off the lamp and drifted fast into dreamland.

"We've been robbed!" This was the sentence I woke up to at 4:34am. Rubbing my eyes and gently lifting my head off the pillow, I saw the blurred figure of my boyfriend; all six feet three, two hundred and forty pounds of him, shaking with anger and disbelief. When I came to, I noticed the window of our bedroom (yes, our bedroom) open. Right beneath it was our undamaged and clearly present flat screen television, which was far too big to have been stolen. A bit lower was our now empty stand, which had once been filled with a XBOX, a 150 pocketed CD case filled with DVDs and games, and a few DVDs and games in their respective plastic cases. Great way to wake up, I thought.

"Well, let's call the cops," I said, in a strikingly calm voice, my brain still not registering what had happened. "How?" was my boyfriend's reply. I looked beside me on my nightstand. No phone. Only a cord was left. I looked on the nightstand on the other side of the bed; same thing. The thought of our burglar being right beside our heads sent chills down my spine. A bit comical to me now, I very hesitantly got out of the bed. "I checked under there already," my boyfriend told me, already guessing I had a fear of the monster being under our bed.

Checking around very quickly we discovered that the XBOX, games, DVDs, my Dell laptop, my much smaller flat screen television, my bookbag with my school books and Kindle, two cell phones, and my boyfriend's wallet had been stolen. All of which were taking directly out of our home from our door, which was hanging wide open. Lucky for us, our indoor cat hadn't run outside. Yes, that was a major concern for us. There may have been some other miscellaneous items that I have since forgotten about over the past seven months. In a nutshell, everything of material value had been taken away from us; minus our big flat screen and our NEW laptop. I sure am glad they missed that, even with the Dell box still on the floor. This led me to believe that this person or people aren't as smart as I had imagined.

Not only did they take away our belongings, they took away our sense of security. Well, mine anyway. My boyfriend took it pretty well. I, on the other hand, still felt especially lucky to even be alive. Who knows what kind of weapons our robber(s) may have had on him, just in case we woke up. How we didn't wake up is something I will never understand. Maybe they spiked our drinks the first time they entered, which is a whole different story. After waking neighbors that dreaded night with knives in our hands (just in case), we managed to call the cops. The policemen did their jobs and found fingerprints on all of our windows, including one which we had found opened earlier in the night. Unfortunately, we simply blamed each other for it being open, and didn't think much more about it. After all, we searched then and nothing had been missing.

DON'T PROCRASTINATE, PEOPLE! Make sure you get renter's insurance. It doesn't matter where you live or who you live with, my story can happen to you. We only lived in this apartment for a short period of time, but we should have been insured from day one. We even looked at quotes and were about to begin paying a measly $13 a month. I've certainly learned my lesson. You may think, well what if they are able catch who did it? Won't you get your stuff back? The answer is no. We did find out who the man was who entered our home and took our belongings. Our items were never recovered. In fact, they probably weren't even searched for. The police had the criminal, and that was all that mattered to the state. And not for our sake either. It was for the sake of him "not being able to do it to others." That's state prosecutors for you. Understandable, of course, but as our burglar is still sitting in prison to this day, we are still in the process of putting our life back together. Maybe we will sue him when he gets out of prison, but until then, I will continue to think about how much $13 a month would have come in handy.


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    • denisevirostek profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Richmond, VA

      I'm in VA. It isn't a requirement. I sure wish it was!

    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 

      6 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Sorry you had to go through that, it is scary the crook was in your home while sleeping. Glad you guys are okay. In my state, with most apartments it is a requirement to have renters insurance.


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