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If You Find Yourself Broke Try Passive Income

Updated on February 15, 2016

It is a tough economy right now, and it seems to be moving in a direction to get worse, not better. it is time to take some drastic action. In order to get ahead of that train wreck called the economy, it is wise to go on the offensive. You need some regular money coming in at intervals so set up some streams of passive income.

Sell Ad Space on Your Own Website as Passive Income.

Do you have your very own website? If not, you really need to set one up; it is not difficult. Once your website is up and running and hopefully very popular then you are in a good position. You can sell ad space to have some money coming in each month. The advertisers will be drawn to your popular website in order to come to the attention of the consumer.

Peer to Peer Lending as Passive Income.

If you have a small chunk of money to invest you can do peer to peer lending for passive income. Peer to peer lending matches investors to borrowers with only the peer to peer website in the middle facilitating the loan. The pleasant aspect of this is that there is really no bank in the middle. This works many times in the advantage of both the borrower and the lender and it is a way of making passive income.

Design and Sell at Society 6 for Passive Income.

Is there something you could design? If there is you could earn a royalty from Society6. Society6 uses designers original designs on phone cases, canvases and mugs. Every time someone buys an item with your design you get a royalty. The website Society6 takes care of shipping the item. Having a great many appealing designs in your store is the key to getting paid.

Online Consulting Service for Passive Income

Everyone has expertise in something. You may not believe it but if you consider it you will realize there are several things you are quite good at. Others would pay to know this information. You can hire yourself out as a consultant for a good wage. The passive income part comes in when the clients buy your goods or products along with the consulting.

Make a decision to be through with being broke. Whether you sell ad space or do peer to peer lending there are many choices of passive income available. Some have even become online consultants and improved their lives. Are you ready to set up your own passive income streams?


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