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Inbox Dollars Make Money with Surveys, Offers, Videos and More

Updated on February 4, 2017

Inbox Dollars

What is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is a website that allows it's users to earn money doing various things. It was founded in 2000 and has several million users across the US, UK and Canada. Inbox Dollars has paid out millions of dollars to there users over the past 16 years. I personally have been a member of this site for the last few years and want to give you as much information as I can so you can decide whether Inbox Dollars is a site you might want to join.

How can you earn with Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars offers it's users several ways to earn on their site. below I will go over them and give you my personal opinion of each one. These are my opinions and in no way represent the whole Inbox Dollars user base. Each one has it's ups and downs and I want you to know what to expect.

Making money with Offers

Inbox Dollars offers it's users the chance to earn through offers. These offers vary and can be free offers or paid offers. The free offers don't have a big return on pay, but they are free. Paid offers will bring you more money, but you might pay more and get less back. Offers can vary in pay from .25 cents up to $10+. I have participated in a few of the free offers, but stay away from the paid offers. I am on these sites to make money, not pay money to make a little bit back. That doesn't mean the paid offers aren't good. Inbox Dollars has partnered with many great companies and programs, some of which you may actually be interested in. If you see one that catches your eye it might be worth it to pay for the product or service and get some money back.

Taking surveys for cash

There are a lot of survey sites out there, trust me I know, and Inbox Dollars is on the survey bandwagon offering you the chance to earn some dough taking surveys from their site. The surveys taken on this site are not at all different from the surveys you would find on any other site. They can be about food, health, travel, family or any other topic you could think of. I have taken many surveys from Inbox Dollars and although I'm a big fan of surveys, I am not really a fan of Inbox Dollar surveys. The reason is not because of their topics, but because of their payouts. I feel they do not offer a reasonable amount per survey taken. I have a strict personal rule of thumb and refuse to take a survey that does not offer at least $1 per 10 minutes of survey. Inbox Dollars only offers .25 or .50 for most of their surveys and they are all over 10 minutes long. I think however they feel that they can offer these low rates because for any survey you try and do not qualify for, they give you a chance at their prize wheel. From this wheel you can win cash (.05-$5) or sweepstakes tickets. Even with this wheel I do not think it is worth it and only take a survey from them every now and then.

Can you really watch TV for money?

Yes, with Inbox Dollars you certainly can! While watching TV on their site you can earn small amounts of money (mostly pennies) for watching short video clips. The good thing is you can choose the topic to watch so it doesn't get too boring. After watching a couple of clips you get to play the scratch game and have the chance to win cash (.01-$5) and sweepstakes tickets. I do find myself using this means of earning because I have the Inbox Dollars app and can turn on the Inbox Dollars TV on my phone while I do other things on my laptop. If I was not able to do this I would never use this because you don't make enough to make it worth it.

Cash Games

Do you like to play games?

If your answer is yes then you can earn money through Inbox Dollars Games. The site has teamed up with World Winner games to offer you cash back on every token purchase as well as the opportunity to win more money through the games tournaments. As much as I like playing games I do not like to play games that require a token purchase. I play free games only. Plus I have tried World Winner before and am just not good enough on any of their games to win in a tournament. You might be different and can wipe the board every time. This has the chance of making money, but the risk for me is not worth the reward.

Search for cash!

Yes Inbox Dollars has a search engine. Simply use their search engine instead of your normal one and earn some money every now and then. You aren't going to earn every single search, but you will earn a little bit if you use it somewhat often. The only reason I do not use their search engine is because I already use a different one on another site. Otherwise I would definitely use the Inbox Dollars search engine to earn through them.

Extreme couponing and cash back

Well maybe not so much extreme couponing as just normal couponing. The site has partnered with Coupons dotcom to bring you points for each coupon printed and used. This is one way I make most of my cash on Inbox Dollars because I love to save money as much as I like earning it online. They also offer cashback deals while shopping many sites online. Simply use the link through Inbox Dollars before going to a site to shop and they will give you money back for every dollar spent. Again I use another site for this money making option, but if I didn't I would use Inbox Dollars.

You Earn and They Earn

Refer and earn, it's easy

Do you have friends? Do you have a website? Do you have a blog? Do you have a means of getting the word out there about Inbox Dollars? If so then you can make 10% of each of your referrals earnings. It's that easy. Get sign ups through your special link and get 10% of what they earn for as long as they are a member. When they make a dollar, you make a dime. When they make a hundred dollars you get a dollar. The more people you sign up the more money you make!

Making Money Online

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Inbox Dollars Debit Card

Getting paid!

Before signing up with any money making site I always see how I will be paid. I prefer sites that offer cash through Paypal or even a check, but I do sites that only offer gift cards also. Inbox Dollars is a cash site. When I first signed up they only offered a paper check sent in the mail, but I now have my own personal Inbox Dollars debit card. So when I reach the $30 threshold I can request the money and get it sooner right on my card. I can't say for certain, but I think they still offer a check as payment if you really want. I do not know this 100% though because it only gives me the option to cash out on my card now.


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