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Increase your monthly income

Updated on June 5, 2012
Increase your income
Increase your income

We all think about how to increase monthly income in today's era of high inflation and shrinking growth. When prices are going up and income are shrinking, even small monetary help can be useful. Please be assured that there are no shortcut to become rich. There is no alternative to hard work. Not only you have work hard but also need to be innovative and forward looking to become rich. In this hub today, I will try to list down few ways to add extra income on top of your monthly salary. Not all of them might apply to you, but following one or two should be enough.

Part time jobs
Part time jobs

1. Do part time job

Doing some part time job in your free hours or in weekend is the most widely used method to earn extra money. If you are educated and can teach maths and science or computers, then you can easily be a tutor with some training and can earn $30-40 per hour. If you are a good accountant, you can do part time jobs in retail stores and super markets in evening and weekends and can easily earn $25-30 per hour. Apart from this, you can work as baby sitter, librarian, guide, cab drivers etc in your free time.

2. Online Jobs

If you have basic knowledge of computers, you can find many online jobs. There are plenty of jobs available online for data entry, filling forms, writing journals for others, preparing online guides etc. You can find such jobs on sites like Craiglist, vWorker or Indeed. Choose the work which is of your interest, takes minimum time and still gives you enough money. Apart from that also make sure that these jobs should not impact your day jobs. I have seen some people who get exited to earn extra from these jobs and then start ignoring their primary job.

Online Surveys
Online Surveys

3. Take Online Surveys

There are many companies like Cashcrate, Inbox dollar and Toluna who will pay you few dollars if you take a five minutes online surveys for their clients. Normally whenever a company launch a new product in market, they goes for a survey to check how their products have been received by consumers. If you create an account with online survey companies like Cashcrate you will receive emails every time you are eligible to take up any surveys based on the information you have provided while signing up.

4. Start writing on Hubpages

I will not encourage you to join hubpages for just earning money. However if you have passion for writing and want to share your knowledge with others, Hubpages is the best place to do so. If you can write insightful hubs which help others, you will automatically generate traffic to your hubs. Then you need to join Google AdSense and HubPages Add program and you will see instant earnings. If you want to join Hubpages, use the like --> Join Hubpages.


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