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Indy Mac Bank locks me out of my house and I still own it!

Updated on December 5, 2009

Owners Beware

My home went into foreclosure February of 2008, at all times Indy Mac bank knew where I was and had a phone number to reach me. Indy Mac Bank did not want to talk to me ever about any help or modification.

I dealt with loosing all my furniture and appliances, and searching for work. I dealt with their one letter that asked me to pay all the back payments, and even if I paid them I would still have a foreclosure. I explained to Indy Mac bank that I had just had an operation and found out that my employer was closing down. I had excellent credit, and I just needed a short time, to be able to walk, and I would find a job. Indy Mac ignored my requests.

I found a job not near my house in January of 2009 and I told Indy Mac bank that I was going to leave to take this temporary job. There was nothing much left in the house. I checked the house in March of 2009 and everything was fine. I checked the house in September of 2009 and some one had broken in and drilled the locks off the side garage door, and entered the house. I do not know how they got into the interior garage door, unless they changed one lock. There were stickers all around that they had inspected the house to winterize a Florida house. I removed all the stickers. The person left the garage interior door open, and now all the snakes and creatures could get into the house.  I closed it when I left.

I called Indy Mac bank and asked how they could break my locks off to a house I own, and when I got done with them I was given the key pad code to take the keys out. I was afraid to leave any thing in the house, so I took most of my stuff with me, and Indy Mac bank knew that I was going back to the house after the second temporary job ended , in late November 2009.

On November 25, 2009 Indy Mac bank called me and asked me to pay them $12,000 plus , they did not have an exact figure, to stop the foreclosure. Perhaps they could do a re-instatement, but they said they did not know what it was. I do not have any money, and I told them no.

I asked Indy Mac Bank to tell me who my Lender is and they told me they do not know. I asked them who received my prior years mortgage payments , sent to them and they said they do not know. They do not know much of anything. I told them they are all morons.

I went to my house December 4, 2009 to find that Indy Mac Bank broke in again, drilled all the locks, and even pad locked my garage door from opening from the inside. I still own that house. The house and garage was filthy dirty from dirt they tracked inside, and the interior garage door had holes where the locks were, my appliances were moved around, and once again they left the doors open to allow creatures to get into the house. I removed the keys from the key box.

I was going to my house to clean up, cut all the hedges, move my clothes and personal items in, and try to find donated appliances. The people breaking in do not touch the front door, only the side door so no one can see them doing it, time after time. I was waiting for the court date to appear in court to fight them.

I could not leave my items in the house, because they will come back again and drill the locks off again, with my stuff inside. I called Indy Mac Bank the next day, and spoke to a lady named Lisa who admits that the foreclosure is not done. She tells me that Indy Mac Bank hired a company to break in, but again she does not know who they are. I told her that this is the third break in to my house, to prevent me from living in my own property.  I will file a police report and any one that comes to that house will be arrested. Lisa lies and tells me that there is a scheduled Judgment hearing for December 14, 2009, then changes her mind and there is not a hearing.

Who the hell do these people think they are? How are they above the law? They have no idea if the house is occupied or vacant, and can not see through the closed blinds. What gives them the right to drill the locks off? The note clearly states that prior notice must be given to the owner for any inspection. They know where I am to ask for money, but they do not know where I am to break into and destroy my property.

They are worse than criminals and need to be stopped. I have asked the court and filed the court papers to make Indy Mac, who is not legal bank any longer, prove that some one owns the original note. They are a servicing company only and a member of MERS INC.

MERS INC, who sold my note as a blank endorsement, destroyed the original note and wants all the property to sell and fatten their pockets. They can not foreclose in their name in The State Of Florida, due to their own legal rules, and the servicing lenders, ( they are MERS members) try to do it for them. Then they split the money from the sale of the house. The original and true Lender gets nothing.

According to Florida Statues Chapter 673.3091 the court can not give a property to any lender, even if they claim the loss of the original note if the court is not certain that they are the legal owners of the note. Indy Mac Bank and One West are servicing agents only. They have no legal  rights to any thing and they know it.

Indy Mac bank and One West is making the house vacant and pretending that they are securing the property , with out proper notification, if they called they would be arrested , and going back many times to cause more damage.  They are using a fear tactic, knocking on the door, and if no one answers and they can not see inside they drill holes through your locks. Then they make sure that you will not live in your house, because they will lock you out.

There is no foreclosure, they have no legal right to enter your property with out prior notification and they do it many times, over and over again!

Well news to Indy Mac Bank and One West Bank, I have sent a letter to the Court, letting them know that they are locking me out of my house. I am filing a police report against them for multiple breaking and entry. There is no law that I know of that says any person in the entire USA has to have furniture or appliances in their house, when I have lost them all. I can live on camping supplies. The same way I did after Hurricane Charlie hit me head on in 2004.

I had no water, no electric, no food for 12 days during Hurricane Charley. My home was not vacant. I can not reside in my own home, until then case goes to court. Indy Mac wants me to be homeless so I will not appear in court.  I have to stay with a family member 4 1/2 hours away now.

I will use my last breath and fight to the end to bring these people down for all their criminal behavior. Any person that would do what they have done would be in jail.

They are not above the law and they have been loosing cases all over the country. I believe that is why they asked me for the $12,000 plus, pretending that it would prevent foreclosure, with no other modification plan proposed.

You can not trust anything they say or do. Beware if you are asked for money. Beware if you  do not have much in the house, they will break in...........


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