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Inexpensive Auto Insurance Quotes

Updated on March 21, 2010

The television and radio are constantly running advertisements about inexpensive auto insurance, and they all claim to save you more than their competitors do. The truth is they can only go so low, and there is a rub to this whole scenario of saving you money. The devil is literally in the details of car insurance, and is located in fine print of the contract. When shopping you have to compare very carefully everything on their contract or prospectus and make that just the basic coverage will not put you into personal bankruptcy if you have an auto accident.

Inexpensive Car Insurance

The advertised savings can usually mean that a normal feature or benefit has been disallowed from the normal coverage policy, and usually will require a very high deductible to qualify for the proposed savings to you and your family. Insurance companies are just like any other type of business in the United States, and they are in business to make money, not friends. After you have signed on the dotted line you agree to their terms so make sure you are comfortable with what they are technically offering. Check online consumer complaint forums for auto insurance to see what people are complaining about, and use their statements to form questions that you can use when shopping for your policy.

Some discounted forms of car coverage cut out such frills like the use of a rental car when your vehicle is in the shop after an accident. Insurance companies offer this usually as an add-on option today and is not part of their mainstream policies. They may only offer twenty dollars a day toward the rental and you will have to pay the rest out of pocket. Check also if rental option is with any agency or just a particular company that your insurer has a pre-arranged agreement.

Make sure that your insurance covers others driving your vehicle as well. If you have someone take your car to get maintenance and have an accident while driving, and may not be covered. This is a very important point, and it needs to be in writing before you agree to the new policy. This protects you not only from the liability of another person’s vehicle, but if the driver of your car is hurt, and needs medical attention. Cheap auto insurance can leave you holding the financial bag if items like this are not spelled out completely in the contract.

Inexpensive Auto Insurance

Can You Really Find Cheap Car Insurance and Have Good Coverage?
Can You Really Find Cheap Car Insurance and Have Good Coverage?


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    • Explosive INK profile image

      Explosive INK 

      8 years ago from Austin Texas

      YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I say 90% of the people if you asked straight up, Do you have towing, Rental car, or any number of things in their policy? I would bet all would run to the glove box to answer this question. Always know what you pay for and if you do not use it, Get rid of it. Raise your deductable. Drive with common sense and get a well known company to represent you. A small company in a bad year will have to raise rates due to payouts, Usually caused by small minded customers who cannot afford a real insurance companys cost. Sit back and repeat. "You get what you pay for"...


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