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Ingredients of an affiliate marketing website

Updated on June 22, 2012

In today’s online world the opportunities available for an affiliate web site to earn money is limitless. Any website can be monetized in one or several ways. Following are few example types of websites that you can create to make money online.

  • Affiliate web site

An affiliate website is a small web site which promotes products or services which are sold online. Usually these sites contain 1-5 pages, the content is targeted for a well researched key phrase, implicitly or explicitly promotes a product for which the website is an affiliate. If you can make a sale through your website or in other words if you can direct a buyer to the vendor’s web site who ultimately purchases the item, you get a commission. The more genuine buyers you direct, the more income you generate!

  • Content marketing website

Here what you do is again create a website which contains information regarding a specific niche. Again you target a well researched key phrase and put lot of information regarding the key phrase. These sites are normally monetized using Google adsense or similar programs. These sites normally target “long tail keywords” or in other words key phrases which are 3-4 words long. These key phrases are less competitive and it is not difficult to be ranked for these key phrases.

  • Website to actually sell product

This type of a website is bit difficult to implement, because you need to have your own product to sell. So it involves more thinking and you need more procedures implemented such as payment handling, delivering customer support etc.

This article focuses on affiliate websites and explains what basic information you should provide in your affiliate marketing web site. (Once you are ready to create the web site Socrates is the best Wordpress theme for creating your affiliate marketing website.)

Essential pages of the site

  1. Review of the best product

This is the page for the product that you are promoting, from which you receive the commission. So you must give your utmost attention to this page.

2.Review of mediocre product

This is a page for an alternative product. Here you mention that the above is the best product, but if the consumer is not interested on that, you suggest him to consider this. Most of the time this is not a product for which you are an affiliate.

3.Review of ‘not recommended’ product

Here you explain about the products that you don’t recommend. The mediocre product and the not recommended products are important to the site to make the trust in the consumer’s mind regarding your website. So that they know that you are not trying to sell the product anyhow, but you are actually promoting the best product.

4.Contact page

You need to have a contact us page or form, which the user can use to contact you. This is important to win the user’s trust on the website. So this to happen you actually has to take the customer request seriously and promptly reply them

5.Site map

Site map is basically a page which includes all the pages in your website and this is more important to search engines than the uses. The search engines use the site map to index all the pages separately. Every good website includes a site map.

An affiliate marketing website is a very good way to earn a secondary income which works for you even when you are sleep. It has some hard work at the beginning but once the site get matured and start receiving traffic it is a money machine. So act now and built an affiliate web site today. Clickbank is one of the largest websites where you can find thousands of products to promote. is one such affiliate marketing website


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