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Best Claims Management Software for Insurance Agencies

Updated on August 25, 2014

Why Outsource Insurance Agency Management?

Companies often outsource some of their internal activities in order to reduce costs and improve the quality and delivery to their customers. The decision to outsource must be carefully weighed against expected benefits for it to be helpful to a company. The factors to consider when making an outsourcing decision are:

  1. Will the integrity of the system be maintained ?
  2. Will the proprietary assets be safe ?
  3. What are the key competences of the company your are out-sourcing to ?
  4. Will overall efficiency and quality increase while at the same time reducing costs ?

Insurance Agents face the same challenges when they decide to outsource their services.

Nowcerts Insurance Agency Management Software

Services Outsourced by Insurance Agents

Insurance agents would want to outsource the mundane and repetitive, but important tasks to third parties without losing control their core business. The following are tasks that would normally be outsourced:

  • Policy reminders
  • Customer communications
  • Policy updates
  • Payments
  • Monitoring and tracking of customer accounts
  • Editing and printing of certificates

Benefits of Outsourcing

By outsourcing their daily tasks, insurance agencies gain in the following way:

  • Improved cash flows
  • Better control of premiums management
  • Reduced downtime for clients in the event of disasters
  • Fast insurance claims settlement
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Insurance Agency Management Software System

Software is now available for the streamlining workflow, productivity and business visibility for insurance agencies. These software systems provide a cost effective way of management of agencies allowing them to spend less time on mundane and time-consuming tasks. The are able to dedicate more time in enhancing the customer service and growing the business.

Key advantages:

  • The software systems are available as web-based solutions offering convenient on-line access from Web browsers, or as in-house applications.
  • Ease of document retrieval, indexing and storage of scanned documents and electronic images.
  • Reduced server down-time and fast connectivity
  • Simplified billing, claims processing and policy up dating.
  • Reduction of lost files or policies
  • Full integration with popular software platforms thus increasing business workflow and productivity.
  • Insurance financial management systems help in complying with statutory reporting requirements
  • Improved communications aid in training and skill development strategies
  • Full integration with mobile platforms allows access on the go
  • Managers are able to see the status of policies and whether there are any pending cancellations so as to take remedial measures quickly
  • Customized, intelligent workflows for businesses
  • Easily monitor accounts and distribute staff workloads evenly
  • Fast, efficient viewing of entire files—not just individual documents
  • Easy to use, secure, cloud-based collaboration module for complex commercial lines business
  • Real-time visibility into all communications and related documents within any given transaction with clients and carriers
  • Quick conversion of paper documents to digital images
  • Clearly organized document storage and retrieval
  • Come as either Web-based solutions or enterprise applications


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