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Top 21 Best Money Making/Online Business on the Internet

Updated on March 7, 2014
Money Making Ideas on the net
Money Making Ideas on the net | Source

We work eight to ten hours a day to earn for a living. New survey shows that many people these days are getting their jobs full time at home.

I am going to share twenty one very effective income streams online which I and my friends do these days. I believe that some of the ideas make up some of the millionaires online. Here are the twenty one secrets.

What are the 21 Income Streams to Make Money Online?

1. Affiliate Programs. Joining affiliate programs are even more effective today in the world of online. There are popular affiliate programs on the net with assurance of earning money once the product is bought. (Example: Amazon, E-bay …)

2. Blogs. This is very popular among online writers. I even have a blog myself. Blogs are different from websites. But there are also websites that are having blogs. They are different in terms of interactivity. Blogs are always updated frequently whereas websites are pure information of a product or a company. After building that blog or website, you can insert ads. It is always recommended to use Adsense from Google because of its high clicks and relevant ads.

3. E-books. Technology is evolving so fast and books in old days are replaced with e-book or electronic book. You can sell e-books on your site or in social networking sites.

4. Ebay Referrals. Make money using E-bay and refer new members or clients.

5. Your Own Niche Directory. Creating a very informative niche directory is big money. The only thing is that you need more time to build many things and more hard work to put into.

6. Internet Radio Show. Internet Radio these days is free anywhere online. Just search for free hosting of internet radio.

7. Photo Selling. Good photos from your personal camera could also be sold.

8. Interview Experts. This is fun and easy so take time to do this and study your strategy on guide questions.

9. Classified Ads Website. There are free classified ads website where you just sign up and post your ads to gain traffic or promote your products.

Something brighter on making online business
Something brighter on making online business | Source

10. The Local Real Estate Portal. You can check for local real estate portal sites within your area and register yourself as agent or representative.

11. Audio eCourses. If you have the talent on something, you make audio and sell it. You can make a series of lessons or make a syllabus and sold it on the net.

12. Webinars. Conducting webinars or online seminars are very much popular these days. You can schedule your topics and post it to free classified ads.

13. Residual Income Programs. Like writing in hubpages, residual income makes money as the time goes by. You invest your hard work today by writing and reap the harvest in the future.

14. Building your Own Software. If you know something about programming, create your own software program. This is the most top selling product on the net today.

15. Content site. A content site is the website full of information of a certain topic. Articles about the topic are the webpages. You can put ads around your content site and make money out of it. I recommend adsense for ads because this is the best ads paying from Google.

16. Online Coach or Online Consultant. Coaching in any aspect of talent and skills are very effective today and in demand. If you know a lot about singing, try to be a vocal coach online.

Once I think of business on the internet.
Once I think of business on the internet. | Source

17. Internet Mall. Internet shopping mall are trending because customers don't need to bother themselves on traffic jams or something to shop their needs.

18. Virtual Assistant. Like call center agents, being a virtual assistant at home is very much available today. Apply as virtual assistant in some respected website companies on the net.

19. Online Helpdesk Support. This is just a similar approach with virtual assistant but this focuses only as helpdesk support.

20. Social Networking Sites – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are social networking sites that are very helpful to promote your products.

21. Online Membership Website. Being a member to a particular group is exciting. Try making online membership website to lure customers and sell your products.

Is your choice of Online Money Making here in the list?

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      Casimiro 5 years ago

      Another good way to earn quick cash is content writing for sites such as Textbroker.