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Internet Work and Income - My tips

Updated on July 19, 2008

- I´ve seen some articles about internet and money making, that make some people think "hey i can quit my job right now and work only 2 or 3 hours at the internet". Wrong .... its not that simple and its a process that will take some time (probably a long time) and work (again probably a long long hard work).

Lets start by this step: Creating a blog

Most people dont want to spend money on a host for a blog so there are many free hosting blog sites around. One of them is Blooger from google, and this one is a very good place to start since you can add Adsense Publicity, wich i will talk about it later on. WHen you create a blog keep in mind that is important to know what you are going to write about, since there are keywords that are more searched on the net that others. I recomend cheking those words to make blog that will have a better chance of bringing more readers (normaly called traffic to sites). The more traffic the better and thats one big problem at the beggining of our journey. There are ways of driving more traffic to your sites / blog, by promoting them in other places, spreading word between friends, or just waiting that the blog listing sites do their job. But keep this in mind, its a process that will take time and its not guaranteed that its going to work as you expected.

Another good step : Adsense

Well theres not to much to say about this since hubbers around already know what this is (i supose you know what adsense is right?). For those more distracted and by any means didnt read any information about Adsense, im going to give a brief explanation. Adsense lets you put in your websites or blogs (hubpages also as you already may know) publicity to show to other users. When a user sees those Ads and if they click on them you will be credit with $ depending on the add income. Some sites work with this in an automatic way like Hubpages , while others the only way to showing adds is by putting html code (dont worry its easy and that code is generated by Adsense when you create the ads you want to show).

Another step: HubPages

Dont think i have to write anything about this. Its free,it has an affiliate system it works with Adsense and Ebay, Amazon, Kontera, and it has millions of readers.

And now for some harder steps: Pay Per Click sites

This ones function in a basic principle, click to view publicity during a certain amount of time then your account will be credited with a certain amount of $. The best way to make this step is to find affiliates. Affiliates are people that register in those programs by your nickname, and start making part of you "group". So each time they click on a publicity link in that site, you will be credited also. Its not an easy process and will require some time and patience (like everything in life). I´ve written an article about that so you can read and better understand the meaning, also theres some example sites there.


Normal Affiliate Programs

Well this are programs that its solo purpose is to gain affiliates, they normaly have 3 ways of paying its members. One of them is crediting for each new sign up on their site that has been refered by you. For example check this im going to post here:

- Senior Finder

- Friend Finder

Now what i´ve written in this article of course is not recipe for instant money making, its just some steps that may help you out if you decide to follow this road. And i say its a long hard working road. Good luck to all

(Probably theres going to be some modifications in this article such as New Step addition or further explanations, but not for now)



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