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Alternatives To Gold Investment: Copper Metal Trading

Updated on May 10, 2010

As markets lose confidence in the debt backed financial system, more traders and investors are looking towards precious metals such as gold, which has precipitated something of a modern gold rush in many areas of the world. In New Zealand, conservation areas have been opened for mining in hopes of extracting enough gold to cash in on the current climate. It's a ridiculously short sighted move that may very well destroy New Zealand's real assets, but short sighted moves that destroy natural assets are hardly uncommon.

Aside from environmental impacts, which traders not planning to live past 2020, or have any children ever, may choose not to worry about, trading in gold can also mean opening oneself up to rapid fluctuations caused by investors rushing to gold every time things start to look bad, and selling it again when the market improves. This is not to say that gold is not a good investment, however there are other metals that are also good investments, and copper is one of them.

Copper, used widely in the electronic goods that have become indispensable to the West is a fairly surefire investment as demand for this metal is always on the increase. Unlike gold, which is typically only used for ornamental and value holding purposes, copper is not only valuable, it is also useful, which makes it a fairly stable prospect from an investment perspective.

In fact, copper is such a useful commodity that copper futures are often used as a means to predict the future growth of economies. An economy seeking to grow, seeks copper. An economy seeking to circle the wagons, seeks gold.

Basic Copper Facts:

  • 15 million metric tons of copper are produced every year globally.
  • The largest producer of copper is Chile, followed by the United States. The largest copper mines in the USA are in Utah, though the bulk of copper production takes place in Arizona. Investors looking to support the American economy would therefore do well to invest in copper.
  • The largest consumers of copper worldwide are the United States, Russia and Japan. China's demand has steadily been on the increase and can be expected to increase into the future as Chinese citizens seek to gain more Western lifestyles.


Copper is often overlooked as it does not have the same sort of romantic associations that gold or silver have, and because it is not traditionally seen as an investment material by casual investors. However, as the world's financial systems adjust from the recent recession, putting one's money into a substance with reasonable global production and increasing demand worldwide just makes sense.


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 7 years ago

      Is your implication that people who know about fashion are too silly to also make sound financial decisions? Or perhaps you meant to infer that knowledge of lingerie somehow precludes knowledge of any other topic? That's rather shallow and short sighted of you Misha. For shame.

      Last I checked, precious metals traders were generally fairly well dressed. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 7 years ago from DC Area

      Oh Hope, when fashion gurus start talking metal trading - it's time to sell all the metals and put the money under the mattress ;)