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Alternative Investments, Invest in the Forests

Updated on August 8, 2012

Beautiful Woodlands

Beautiful Forests
Beautiful Forests

Yields, Net Present Values, Return on Investment, all tools to tell you whether your investments are going up or down and whether to cut your losses and sell.

What these investment tools don’t tell you and can’t measure is whether you’re happy. While the health of your investments can affect your wellbeing, a high returning investment isn’t guaranteed to make you happy. So what can? Woodlands, acres of timberland just might. Investing in your own piece of nature could actually bring you some measure of contentment and happiness.

One couple, Tony and Valerie Hutley, of Somerset in South Western England bought 1.5 acres Woodland. Quoted on - Tony says, “It has given us a new lease of life and interest away from the mundane routine and demands from those who think because you are retired that you have plenty time on your hands. I thoroughly recommend it if you have the cash just lying in the Bank just for a rainy day, use it, life is too short. The relatives you leave behind will”.

Another couple Mike and Jill Houghton, also share their thoughts on the Woodlands website about how it feels to own their piece of nature after buying 7.5 acres of woodland in Wales in winter 2011. “Now, not even six months later our woods have become our church, our playground, our school, the best nature documentary ever, and fascinating in different ways each time we visit”.

In Britain, you can buy woodland from less than £10k per acre. In the USA, much bigger acres of woodland are available for sale. For example, inOregon you can buy 10 acres of land for sale for $69k.

Or if your bank balance can take the pain, you can buy 2,075 acres of timberland for $3.2m in Southampton County, Virginia. The sales blurb says, “Imagine owning a first-class, well-managed series of pine plantations with superb hunting to boot”.

Investment metrics and tools become meaningless when trying to place a value on nature.

Camp, picnic, entertain on your woodland estate, can you do that with stocks and share certificates?

Explore the possibilities of switching your investments to something that could give you pleasure now and even the generations to follow you.

Get and enjoy your share of nature, where you only need worry about how many acorns will fall and how many oak trees they’ll produce.


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    • pythian2 profile image

      pythian2 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for your comments. I haven't invested in woodland but I think it's a great way to secure a piece of nature.

    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      Interesting way of investing in forest, the reward will come in the future, also we contribute to fight against global warming and air pollution. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring hub, voted up for useful