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Investment Planning for Securing your future

Updated on August 14, 2011

Secure your own and family's future by creating a corpus that will protect you in bad times and free you from worries.

  • Plan early: Early planning with the correct mix of investments gives one a significant advantage over those that start late simply by virtue of the "power of compounding"
  • Insurance: Insure yourself and all earning members of the family. Use help of an expert to arrive at the amount of cover you need. Insurance not only takes care of your dependents financial future in case of an unfortunate event, it also gives you peace of mind
  • Succession Planning: Make a will and register it so it becomes smooth for your dependents to get a hassle free inheritance. Let them know how to access all details of your investments , insurance, bank accounts and person(s) to contact in case of an unforeseen event
  • Create a portfolio keeping in mind your dependent's profile: For e.g. , if a parent makes investments in fixed income only and does for the purpose of leaving it for children and not using it themselves then they should invest keeping in mind the child's profile which would allow for a more diversified allocation.
  • Disciplined investing : Keep investing regularly and stay committed at all times to creating the corpus.
  • Periodic review : Review your portfolio on a half yearly basis and see if you need to revise your strategy. Ideally take the advice of a finance expert. Also review inĀ  case of events like new additions to family or significant increase in income or expense.


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