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Is Blogging a Way to make money very Quick

Updated on January 22, 2015
Making money through blogging. Explanation on how blogging works. Blogging is long term investment
Making money through blogging. Explanation on how blogging works. Blogging is long term investment | Source

A straight forward answer to the question asked in the heading is no, as it is a gradual system of earning. If you want to make money through blogging, you must be patient enough and carry the cross gradually. When you carry the cross for about one to two years, with time you start to make good money out of it. The success behind blogging for money is being consistent with publishing of your articles called blogs. When you publish what you know that people will always come for, you are likely to get much traffic to your website which will give you much money in return. The quantity and quality of the articles you have in your website determines whether Google will rank your articles higher above those of similar topics or not. Google usually rank articles which are backed-up with good research work higher than others of similar topics. The reason why Wikipedia articles always show first when internet users search for some topics, is because the site publishes topics with high contents and good research or references.

On this my site or sub-domain,, the major topics that get a lot of visitors are: Corruption: Causes and Solutions, Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to Resolve them, Unemployment in Nigeria and Solutions, Why People Immigrate to United States of America, and Education Sector of Africa: Problems and Solutions. The reason why these articles get more traffic than others is because these are well-researched work and contain many words. So, any blogger that wants to make good money through blogging must make good research to back-up his work.

There are a lot of people who started blogging because they were told by friends and relations that one can make cool money through it. After trying for many times on how to get approval from Google Adsense and finally made it, they became tired of publishing as what they continued seeing from Google Adsense was not what they expected. Some have abandoned their sites and blogs many years ago because they are tired of receiving few Cents from Adsense on daily basis. Notwithstanding this, some make thousands of Dollars from Google adsense on weekly basis. The secret behind their success is that they have many article topics on their blogs or websites. So the success of any blogger is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of articles in his or her blog/site.

Other ways of maximizing your online earnings as blogger or article writer is by publishing in revenue shearing sites. Examples of such sites are Squiddo and Hubpages. These two sites pay well than just making money through Google Adsense alone. You can signup on Hubpages and start publishing articles to make money through Adsense and also through Hubpages themselves. You can

click here to signup on Hubpages. Many writers who have been experiencing poverty for years now have been made rich through writing on Hubpages. The site does not charge any money to you before you start publishing on it. I prefer you signup on Hubpages to other revenues shearing sites because I see them as the best among others. I have been publishing on hubpsges for long and I will tell you that the site is the best publishing place to be or venture into.

You can make more than $4000 per month through blogging. The determining factor is how much effort you are able to put. when you have large amount of long lasting articles in your blog and have Google Adsense advertisement running on it, you will make money through your blog. As an owner of a blog, a blogger, do not click on any advert placed by Google Adsense on your blog. If Google detects that you click on any of the adverts placed on your site, they will barn you from their adverts. Google Adsense has their terms and Conditions and you must abide by them before any approval is given to you for them to show their adverts on your site or blog. Also note that there are other companies that run advertising programs on peoples’ websites apart from Google Adsense.

The number of visitors in your blog matters a lot. The higher the people that visit your blog or site, the more money you make through it. Depending on the nature of the articles you publish, there is usually decrease in the number of site visitors during the weekends. If you publish mostly educational topics, you are likely to experience this. But if your blog contains articles of diverse aspects, the decrease in number of traffics during the weekend may not affect your blog so much.

For you to always have your blog to receive visitors whenever people search for article that is related to any content in your blog posts, you must adopt the habit of constantly editing your blog posts. Whenever you edit the articles in your blog, Google search engine and others will recognize that update has been made and they will tend to rank such article higher than others of related similarity which has not yet been edited. This is one mistake that many bloggers or site owners who publish for money make. They publish their articles and leave them for six months and above without editing, this makes traffic to the article to continue to decrease because there are people that publish similar topic that you have. You can decide to edit, once every two weeks. You will observe that after editing, visit to the edited ones will increase in the first to second weeks.

Illustration on Blogging


Editing of the posts (articles) you make in your site does not mean that you rewrite everything you have in that blog. For example you may have a sentence like “in the 2001 attacks in United States by the terrorists, many people were killed”. To edit a blog that have the sentence, you can change it to “many people were killed in the September 2001 attacks in United States by the terrorists. Once this is done, your article becomes updated or edited. In addition, you can add your site to Google Webmaster for location of your site.

Another thing that can help you to make more cash through writing online is by shearing your already written articles in social media sites. Any online writer can shear on

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other good social media sites. This will help you get more traffic into your website as your friends click on the topic to read what your shared.

Facebook is one of the best social media sites where online writers share what they have written. Online writers can join many groups on Facebook where what they have written can be read by the members of that particular group. This is an important idea on how to get traffic to site(s).


The topic is on many questions that new online writers usually ask at the beginning. They most times ask on whether blogging is a means of making quick money. The truth is that blogging can give money but may not be all that huge unless you run the blog with somebody. Writing online is good as you stress yourself to write and the money keeps on coming even after death. If you want to start or already in the system, never give up in the journey. The joy is that when you blog for years, you will see the sweetness when the monthly payout starts to accumulate.


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