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Is Bubblews One of the Best Money Making Websites Online: Review

Updated on February 24, 2014

Yes finally I am also on bubblews- the new money making website which has been earning rave reviews across the world and people are joining it at a fast pace.

Being a blogger who is always on the lookout for some new ways to earn money online, I too was tempted to be a part of the same. So, here are answers to two basic questions after spending a week at it: does it help you to earn money- YES and what about making me rich quickly- PERHAPS NO.

Bubblews does pay you enough but if you are thinking you can make a living of it, then this is simply not possible. (Kindly note the review of the website is purely my thoughts about it and are unbiased).

A Few Things To Know About Bubblews

This site was started in the year 2012 by Arvind Dixit and has its aim as ‘Speak Freely, Write Your World’. Well, I agree fully that this website stands up to its ideology. Here you can write almost anything but it should be of 140 characters and not less.

Mind is just 400 ‘characters’ and not ‘words’. So you can write simply anything and everything which comes to your mind.

Earnings of one of the Bubbles
Earnings of one of the Bubbles

How Will You Earn Money On Bubblews?

Now this is the most important and interesting thing to know- as to how you will earn money. Well, for every 140 character post you write, you will be paid for the number of views your each post receives, the likes it get, comments it gets and funnily you will get paid even if someone dislikes your posts.

You will even be paid for every social media share. Their revenue model is a split between 50/50 with the writer for each post. Wow……honestly I have never ever seen a review model as this before and hence I am loving being part of the same.

Because I know even if someone dislikes my post I have nothing to lose as such. You will be paid once your account reaches to $25 which is called as Redemption. However, you can write 10 posts on a daily basis and not much.

How to Increase Your Earnings?

Well if you are thinking that it is so easy to write and earn here then let me tell you it is NOT. You really have to work for it- you have to make connections there. Thus, it is somewhat similar to as you work here on hubpages- follow someone and he will follow you back.

So the first and basic rule is to have as many connections as possible, some of the people there have even 2000 connections and are thereby earning quickly. Apart from this, if you start to place comments on other posts or simply like their posts, chances are they will return you the favor.

Since you can write 10 posts on a daily basis make sure you are not writing and submitting each of these posts simultaneously. Make it a point to distribute these posts for different hours of the day. Remember, no body wants a flood of posts by you and you alone.

So the best strategy which I have found is just write a post submit it and then take a gap of at least half an hour or so before you submit your another post. In the meanwhile, you can connect, like and share other’s posts. This way they will see your post and like it too.

Apart from this, you can use tags for your posts which will make them more search engine friendly. Here you have to use + sign as a tag for example: +seo +blogging +hubpages etc. And you will be known by ‘&’ i.e &younghopes if you want to find me there or if you want to mention me in any of the comments.

Write 140 character bubbles to get paid
Write 140 character bubbles to get paid

What Type Of Content Is Being Read The Most?

There are around 15 categories to choose from: beauty, crime, health, business etc. I have seen lots of bubblewers who have been just writing about their personal stories and getting good views.

There are a few who are writing on mostly how to earn more money from bubblews, how to get more connections etc and they have really lots of comments and likes too.

However, if you are writing ‘tutorials’ , ‘how to’ then you stand a chance to get great views and you may earn more in a less amount of time and with lesser number of posts too.

How Much Are The People Earning?

I cannot answer this question very well because not all the people are disclosing the amount they are earning, but I have read on the site itself as to how people are going for 5-6 redemptions in a month!

I find it simply amazing as to how people are reaching that level. Since I have spent only a week at the site, and haven’t spend much time to be honest, I have not yet received any of the redemption there.

Does Content Matters?

As I said that you have to write just 400 characters and then you can earn money there but I wish to say it loud- CONTENT MATTERS. Yes, if you want lots of views and social media shares then content does matters.

This is similar almost hubpages or any other website too- what you write should be captivating, eyecatching and interesting to read. Only then it will be shared and you will get lots of traffic.

How to Choose What to Write?

Though you can write anything which is coming to your mind but if you want to get traffic from google or any other search engine then it is important that you should do your proper keyword research so make sure you are using google keyword tool or google analytics for knowing what is being searched upon. The good news is that this website is being quickly indexed by google too.

with bubblews pulse you can even create your own subcategories too.
with bubblews pulse you can even create your own subcategories too.

A few of My Personal Observations

Spending one week on the site, I have made a few of personal observations there. The first is that due there are almost all chances of seeing your post die down soon on bubblews. This is so because of the massive influx of thousands of posts on a daily basis.

Thus, it is quite difficult to keep the viewership strong for your post. In my case, the moment I post an article, I start to get likes and comments because I am also in the active mode and I am also liking , commenting and connecting with other users at that time.

And then, it feels so tempting to click ‘The Bank’ to see how much you are making. It feels great to see the money rising. But the moment I am offline and go back again I see there is little or no increase in my amount because no one is reading my post.

Also, the server sometimes takes too long time to respond. I don’t know whether this has been the case with others but this happens with me all the time. On the contrary when I open and work on hubpages, it is opening quickly so perhaps the problem is specific to that website alone.

How Much Do You Expect to Earn in a Month on Bubblews?

See results

I Am Earning Well On Hubpages, Should I Still Join Bubblews?

Okay, so you are earning lots and lots on hubpages and then wondering whether you should join this new money making website or not? Interestingly, I have seen so many hubbers out there that I am myself surprised.

Remember the thought ‘Never put all your eggs in one basket’. To my surprise I have seen many of the high income earning hubbers too on bubblews. This is what drew me to the site all the more. In fact lots of lens makers from Squidoo are to be seen too.

This is in fact a good aspect because you can join fellow hubbers who are your friends here and thus, like and comment on posts there too.

Get Paid for Likes, Comments, Shares
Get Paid for Likes, Comments, Shares

So, Are you Joining or Still Thinking?

This has been my personal review of this new money earning website.

I have my username as ‘younghopes’ and I would be happy to connect with you all there too. Happy Reading!!!

If you are on bubblews, please do let me know, i would love to join you there too.

I am Lovin...It

On a final note i want to just say 'I am Lovin...It'. It is fun to write and earn because at least i don't have the tension of seeing anything being unpublished or to write a long and detailed article. At least it is helping me to earn money with a stress free mind!!

Updates on 23 October 2013

Well friends, the entire euhporia of the above mentioned post has now came to ground ZERO...YES a big ZERO.....only after spending 2-3 months at bubblews, i got to know that i was simply wasting my time.

I wrote this hub when i has just started on bubblews and now after 4 long months, there are no bad words about the site. I worked very very hard, wrote original posts and to my best knoweldge did not broke any of the rules on the website.

Still, they paid me only my first redemption the rest have not been paid till now. I have four redemptions remaining and the team simply refuses to hear me. I mailed them many times, but no response. Now i have stopped being on the site and only check the "bank" there which seems to be growing and thereby i have to redeem again.

Now, the only thing left is to delete all my posts from that site. These people are paying only a few and not all. Thus, you may be lucky to be paid or you may not be so lucky. If you still want to be on the site, i advise you not to spend too much of time and energy there- perhaps you may not be paid and become a victim like me and many others.


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