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Censorship on Bubblews?

Updated on March 1, 2018
Opportunities to make money online are everywhere, but which ones are worth your time?
Opportunities to make money online are everywhere, but which ones are worth your time? | Source

No-Brainer or No,Thank You?

Of all the ways to make money online, Bubblews seemed like the most simple no-brainer choice. A social networking site that pays? Where do I sign up?

On Bubblews you can post short musings (400 characters long) on any subject, and get paid for every view, like, comment and share (the money comes from advertisement revenue).

"Why waste time posting and commenting on Facebook and other social networks if you can do the same on Bubblews and get paid for it?" I thought, posting my first "bubble".

Was the reality up to the hype? Read on to find out.


Bubblews is a social networking site that pays to post and interact with other writers.
Bubblews is a social networking site that pays to post and interact with other writers. | Source

Read, Comment, Like, Connect

The name of the game on Bubblews is social networking. There's not much outside traffic, which puts a lot of importance on the connections you make with other "bubblers".

The system is similar to HubPages in that members connect and interact with other members by posting comments, sharing etc, but with one crucial difference. Whereas on HubPages interaction with other members is optional and, strictly speaking, not linked to your earnings, on Bubblews there is a clear monetary incentive to engage with other members.

Naturally, that led to the abuse of the system.

I, however, adopted the philosophy: less is more. I wanted to write quality posts, the ones I won't be embarrassed of in five years when I'm a bestselling author (yes, I live to dream). Intending to take the high road, I set out to submit no more than 1 or 2 posts a day, and to make sure to respond to every person who've made a comment or connected with me. So far so good.

What Can You Write About?

It doesn't really matter what you write about, as long as it's not "badmouthing" Bubblews, promoting other writing sites or plagiarizing.

People will literally submit "Good morning/I'm going to bed" posts, or even "I don't know what to write about" posts. A quick scan of the home page reveals pearls like:

  • "You just need to do is think positive"
  • "Tuberlocious after Homeless people"
  • "Pregnant, I did not know was the son of her husband or dude"
  • "It’s not tough to write" (apparently not!) and other posts too numerous to mention.

Occasionally you'll come across a great post, but most of them just make you go: "WTF?"

Image credit: SEOPlanter via Flickr, CC
Image credit: SEOPlanter via Flickr, CC

Does the Number of Followers Matter?

Theoretically, the more connections you make, the greater your readership.

That's true to a certain extent (how else do you explain the most idiotic posts in broken English with hundreds of likes?), but like with Facebook and other social media sites, the greater the number of connections, the more superficial and meaningless they are.

  • Ideally, you want to connect with people whose posts you genuinely enjoy, not just random people chasing a quick buck.
  • Conversely, you want to connect with people who genuinely enjoy your posts, who will take the time to read and comment because they are a fan of your work.

These are the principles that the better writers on Bubblews follow, and it made sense to me. So I diligently read, commented and connected. By the end of the first month my connections circle was about 350 people.

Image credit: SEOPlanter via Flickr, CC
Image credit: SEOPlanter via Flickr, CC

Quality Vs. Quantity Debate on Bubblews

Bubblews has very minimal writing standards, and that's a big part of the site's appeal.

Logically, higher quality content means higher traffic to the site, which means higher profits for everyone. However, quality was never Bubblews' forte.

The critics of quality standards or application requirements say that Bubblews is a kind of a social experiment where "anything goes", and that it's not a professional writing site, it's a social media site. And therein lies the issue...

A lot of writers on Bubblews are... not exactly writers. I don't think you have to be an amazing writer to post on Bubblews, but basic familiarity with English language would be good.

Many members are people from non-English speaking countries, and while some of them are English-proficient, the majority is not.Then there are those who spam the site with ads for astrology readings and other crap. Then there are those who copy their posts from elsewhere. Then there are those who post the maximum amount - 10 posts - every day to squeeze out every penny possible. Obviously, those posts tend to be of very poor quality.

That amounts to a large number of posts that drive the overall quality of the site way down.

How Much Can You Make On Bubblews? Assuming You Get Paid, That Is

"Bubblews" is all about the freedom of expression, the money is merely a bonus.

That's what some "bubblers" are saying. But just for the sake of conversation, how much are we talking about?

Some of the more prolific writers used to make anywhere between $25 and $50 a day, but since the recent (October 2014) payment model updates, not much at all.

My total after one month on Bubblews was about $33, but that was before the "upgrades" that slashed everyone's income by 70-80% and essentially removed the transparency that allowed people to track their earnings.

Now the pay rates are unclear (they say it depends on your geographic location) and there are no guarantees you get paid at all (they've defaulted on payments a few times, claiming they didn't make enough revenue). And at any time they can claim you broke one of their rules, which leads to non-payment and/or removal of your account without warning.

Oops! I Got ... Censored

My month-long Bubblews journey ended as suddenly as it began. I wrote a post about a writer-friend who didn't get paid for God knows what reason.

A few hours later my post was deleted. I wrote a new post about my post being deleted, and another one. All three got deleted.

It seemed like any mention of a deleted post resulted in the deletion of that post. My last one was about a day at the beach that began with a sentence: "I was happy to get away from all the Bubblews drama and just enjoy the day." Deleted.

The only explanation I could come up with is that some over-zealous bubbler, having confused my posts with child pornography or Nazi propaganda, decided that they must act fast to neutralize the threat.

I'd like to stress that I did not "badmouth" Bubblews in any of my posts. All I did was ask questions that had to be asked. The comments that I got on those posts fell into two categories: 1) yes, that sucks, I didn't get paid either; 2) if you don't like it here, go somewhere else.

So I did, even though I've met some good people there, and I still miss them.

But don't let me dissuade you. I say: try it, see if you like it. Maybe your experience will be different than mine, I sincerely hope it will be.


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© 2014 Lana Adler


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    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      Thank you, hypnodoctor! Sadly, Bubblews continues its descend into complete chaos. I haven't logged in in a while, just popped in today to see if there's anything new - and voila! In my absence the staff announced that they can't pay all the claimed redemptions so they're defaulting on pre-November 11 redemptions, and paying others after 'adjusting' them to the ad revenue. Many people's claims were slashed by like 70-80 percent (from $300 to $30-40), people are leaving the site in hundreds, it's quite an exodus...

      It's a good thing you left without wasting too much time on Bubblews. I'm more active on HP now, although the progress is extremely slow here, too. Perhaps, I'll check out your review of Persona Paper. Thanks for commenting, and happy New Year!

    • hypnodoctor profile image

      hypnodoctor 3 years ago

      My Bubblews experience stopped as fast as it started. I begun in the beginning of December 2014 and stopped 14 days later due to all talk about non-payment issues and, of course, because my bank stopped dead in it's tracks. And yes, what's that with the decreased rates for non US writers all about? It's all a big B.S. on the part of Bubblews and I'm tired of it. I'm more active on HubPages now and I love it. I'm also active on Persona Paper, of which I made a thorough review yesterday here: It's much better than Bubblews in terms of transparency, fairness (all members are equal there), and also some other factors. Nice review, I enjoyed it.

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      These days it's not even good for Americans :) The difference in pay rates decreased everyone's earnings by about a 1/3.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i must say bubblews is a neutral site, good for the americans but not international writers

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      You're welcome, and I'm glad you've decided not to waste your time with Bubblews. The site owners made some decisive moves lately, stirring towards disposable interactive chit-chat as opposed to a writing site with personal posts as well as serious writing. The earnings dropped by about a third, and there's just not enough to be motivated to continue writing there.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 3 years ago

      When everyone was raving about Bubblews, I looked into it and even signed up, but that as far as I went. Looking at the postings, I decided that I didn't have the time and interest to interact, just to collect a few dimes. Now reading your hub, I know I made a good decision. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      Thanks :-) It's actually time to update this hub. I did get paid, but I still have issues with the site's management, namely, the issue with plagiarism and other quality-related stuff. HP is good but I was never able to make money with it. I've never tried Triond, but I hear it's very similar to HP.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

      warning tags should go on every site.. I don't know... I just write cuz i like it. I have no favorite, but i used Triond and Hubpages for now but that could change.. never heard of bubbleviw til this hub.. good luck :)

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      I'm still waiting on my first redemption (submitted about a month ago), so I'll update this hub when I have a definitive result. I've heard many stories like yours; the payment system is still an issue, unfortunately.

    • profile image

      Linhah 3 years ago

      Good luck with that. They froze my account with no warning. They won't respond to my emails. And they owe me money.

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      Oh I'm sure lots of people don't have a problem getting paid by Bubblews. But some do... Hopefully you'll never have to deal with that. Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      Judyellen 3 years ago

      I have never had a problem getting paid by Bubblews and I have been happily writing for them for over a year now! I always use my own pictures.

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California


      thanks for commenting! I doubt it will make a huge difference, even if they fix the glitches. How do you fix the censorship?

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California


      I haven't had any missed payments myself, but I know of many other writers who didn't get paid, and they were given no explanation for it. So yeah, the trepidation is very real, and the site creators don't seem to be very concerned with it.

    • Torrs13 profile image

      Tori Canonge 3 years ago from North Carolina

      The glitches definitely are a big issue on Bubblews right now. I will be curious to see if their "fix" really helps the situation.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I've been writing on Bubblews for about 9 months now, and, if I recall, have had 6 redemptions (4 at $25, 2 at $50). All have been paid, but I'm well versed in that feeling of trepidation that occurs whenever I submit for redemption. I'll keep at it until they start missing payments.

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 4 years ago from California

      You might be confusing Bubblews with HubPages. The Bubblews rules clearly state that you get paid for every view, like, comment and share. It's not contingent on how many people clicked on the ads.

      Bubblews makes plenty of money since every "bubble" is an advertisement space, and there are thousands, maybe millions of them. The only reason you don't get paid is if you break the rules, but there are plenty of examples of people who never broke the rules, and still didn't get paid.

    • Kushtrimgashi profile image

      Kushtrim Gashi 4 years ago from Prishtina

      Well. the website Bubblews is earning from Google Adsense and from Taboola. They are publishers and as you know they earn money just if someone click on these Ads.

      That`s why they are asking you to don`t copy content from any website, because the plagiarism isn`t allowed in terms of use of Google Adsense.

      If people doesn`t click to these Ads then they will not get any revenue, so depends if they achieve their achievement of money then you will get the redemption. That`s why they don`t pay the bubblers, because they don`t have money to pay you

    • Bianca Raven profile image

      Bianca Raven 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      The articles they deleted stay gone. However, if you leave your OWN articles on their site and just stop writing, they own the rights to them, as per their Terms of Use.

      Of course, if you delete your articles, they figure you owe THEM money for deleting articles THEY own. I did this the moment I finished writing my review (and after they deleted some of the posts they didn't like). Now apparently I owe them money. They deleted my account completely after that. I'm happy.

      I wrote a hub all about what's in their Terms of Use to give people more of an idea of what they're giving up by publishing anything at all on Bubblews. It's disgusting when you really get into the legal terms...

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 4 years ago from California

      well...more Bubblews drama! Now 4 of my posts were deleted, probably as a result of being flagged by loyal diligent Bubblers. I can't. This is so ridiculous.

      So what happened after you removed all your articles? Are they now the intellectual property of Bubblews?

    • Bianca Raven profile image

      Bianca Raven 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      Kalinin1158 I know Constant Content is slow to accept new applications. It's unfortunate, as I promote them heavily for being an excellent source of HIGH income if you're willing to do the work. I also try very hard to promote any other writing opportunity I can find to help writers earn more money.

      Yes, you're right about having several of my posts deleted on Bubblews. The deleted posts were ALL based around trying to help freelance writers earn a decent income from their skills and talents. I guess someone flagged them as inappropriate somewhere along the line.

      Of course, I've written posts pointing out the unfair Terms of Use on Bubblews and how they exploit writers for their own use. Those were never put on Bubblews, but I was reported nonetheless and had my entire account deleted. It's actually IN their Terms of Use that you can't write any post encouraging other members to join other online writing sites. It's also written that you may get your account deleted if you bad-mouth Bubblews reputation in any way.

      I guess they don't have enough confidence in their own site to cope with the threat of writers also earning money elsewhere. That says very little for their future vision for the site LOL

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 4 years ago from California

      I don't even care if they kick me out. Bubblews was an experiment for me, and maybe some type of income. But I don't want to be hoping and praying every time I press the redemption button, this is ridiculous!

      To me it doesn't even matter whether it's intentional or not. Even if it is a glitch which they intend to fix, why not say: "Hey writers, because of our internal technical issues some payments are not going through. We are taking it very seriously. We urge you to take a screen shot of your earnings before you hit the redemption button so we know how much you had in your bank in case the payment fails. Then email it to us and we will make sure you get paid." Simple. If you care.

    • AlienHubber profile image

      AlienHubber 4 years ago

      Also, up to your poll. I voted Hubpages. I have many accounts on HP, they are all aimed at their own separate niche. But I love HP for its dedication to building a writing platform. If you actually look at what they built for us to write with, well, to me its worth a lot. People pay big bucks for things like scrib'd; I feel HP is of the same quality as something like scrib'd.

    • AlienHubber profile image

      AlienHubber 4 years ago

      Most definitely. From what I can tell, one of their key sources of revenue is finding violations, and using that to disqualify an entire payment of 50. They wont kick you out, but they will take what you love the most...your bank. :)

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 4 years ago from California

      LOL Bianca, I'm not a happy bubbler these days... I've posted this a week ago and a lot has happened since then. I need to revise this article because I don't think Bubblews is that friendly either. In fact, it's pretty effing awful.

      One of the writers I connected with (who is in fact one of a few good writers there) wasn't paid his last redemption. He announced that he will be leaving the site if this issue is not corrected. So I made a post "Good writers not being paid" about this, asking Bubblews what kind of way is it to treat talented loyal writers. Few hours later the post was deleted. Now I'm not saying that Bubblews deleted it for censorship reasons but I am at loss for any other explanation. So I made a post about my deleted post, and then another one (take that, Bubblews!) Some a-hole disliked them and said I was badmouthing Bubblews while "asking them" to pay me for it.

      That's a lot of drama I didn't sign up for, and I don't need. I just want to write and get paid for it. Because that's the agreement. I write - you pay. Or your advertisers pay. So when they fail to pay - it doesn't matter if it's me or somebody else - they are the ones breaking the rules by neglecting to compensate people for the time they've invested in Bubblews.

      They just call failed payments "glitches" and it's all good, business as usual. I mean there is no mechanism in place to prove that you've made a redemption request, your balance just goes to zero. And there are people stupid enough to defend it!

      I don't care about a deleted post (some other a-hole probably flagged it for "badmouthing Bubblews" and that's how it happened) or the dislikes, but it seems that Bubblews doesn't actually give a flying f* about members' requests, concerns, issues etc. Plus, there's possibly a policy against criticizing Bubblews... so that's a BIG red flag for me.

      I know they've deleted some of your posts too. If I remember correctly, for "promoting" other writing sites, yet I see people writing about Squidoo, iWriter etc. all the time. I don't know. Are they purposely trying to weed out all the good writers?

      Speaking of which... I've submitted a writing sample to ConstantContent about 10 days ago, maybe longer, but they haven't replied yet. Why is it taking so long? Signed up for iWriter but the pay is ridiculously low. I know your advice is to build your own blog but it seems like a lot of work not only building it, but promoting it... It could be a long time before I can get any kind of traffic to it... I don't know. I've been reading all sorts of advice lately about writing online but so far haven't made that much progress. And the search continues...

    • Bianca Raven profile image

      Bianca Raven 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      Have you read the Terms of Use on the site? Very interesting how much you're giving away when you post there.

      By the way, by posting a copyrighted image of the Bubblews logo or screenshot of your bank, you're breaching the Terms of Use, specifically paragraphs 5, 6 & 8, where they state they will seek legal action for anyone breaching their copyright ownership by posting those things. Just letting you know the site isn't always as friendly as it looks on the surface.

      Happy bubbling....

    • AlienHubber profile image

      AlienHubber 4 years ago

      I'm on Bubblews. I'll connect with you right now!


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