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Is Facebook the new Craigslist

Updated on February 4, 2016

The way it works.

Social media is no longer just a way to make new friends, and it doesn't take a huge company to take advantage of it. Facebook is becoming the new face of Entrepinual opportunities, through Buy, Sell, or Trade pages. It is a fact that we all have clutter in our lives, weather it is in the garage or a spare room, a storage unit or a car port, we all have things we don't use anymore. You an now sell these items to people in your area and it doesn't cost a thing. How can I do this? you may ask. If you can post on Facebook, you can sell on Facebook.

First: Find items you no longer want around your house (exclude children, spouses, or pets that you are irritated with). Make sure the items are in good shape, clean, and presentable also easy to get to. You will need to take pictures of your items latter and although u can do this with a camera phone it may be best to have a nice digital camera on hand just in case.

Second: Once you have a few items you want to sell go to Facebook and search local buy, sell, and trade pages. Pay close attention to the area it focuses on cause you don't want to sell to someone an hour away if your not willing to travel. Ask to join the groups you find by clicking the join button. Some pages will cater to certain things such as outdoor, guy, or even car stuff so pay close attention to the title. You can also look in the about section of the page to find out the rules the creator has set for that page. If in doubt message the administrator of that page and ask questions( note: if a administrator does not answer back you probably don't want to be in that group.

Third: Once you have been accepted to the group its time to list your items. As said before make sure your items are clean and easy to get to because you may list an item and someone want to meet in an hour and if the item is dirty or you are late to the meeting place it may cause the person to no longer want to buy your item. IMMPORTANT NOTE: The people that want to buy your item is most of the time a stranger be cautious. Do not ship items an wait for a check, don't take a check period, meeting places should be well lit with lots of traffic, NEVER, NEVER!!! meet at night.

Posting your item: Taking a good picture may be the difference in a quick sell or a no sell. As before make sure your item is presentable, in good lighting and at its best. When describing your item be honest, if it has a scratch say its has a scratch. There is no need to get to detailed such as telling where every scratch is but if you notice it let the potential buyer know. Upload 3 or 4 pictures from different positions, show major flaws and any issues with you item. Honesty will sell more than lies. Make a reasonable price, this is not saying to make it cheap but respect you item for what it is. Be prepared to answer questions about the item and to negotiate on the price.

Once you have made a deal with a buyer, have meet with the buyer, and received the money, mark the item as sold in the comments. Facebook will also send a notification to mark it sold, make sure you do both.

This is an easy and free way to make a little extra money or even a second income if worked correctly. If you should open a business doing this make sure to visit you local city hall and ask about proper license or permits that may be needed, other wise you are set.

Hopefully this will help you clear the clutter and put some money in your pocket.

Until next time this is JC saying: Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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