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Is Passive Income for You?

Updated on February 1, 2012

There are many reasons that you may be looking to supplement your income with a passive income that will keep generating the extra fund you are searching for. Many want to have the extra money available in case of an emergency or to take a family vacation in the future. No matter what, you’re reasoning for striving for a continual, perpetual passive income it is the right direction to go.

The first place you need to start is deciding what you are going to put forth the work that is required to start earning that perpetual income. By making this decision, you are committing to learning and acquiring the skills you need to be successful. The reason rich people are rich is because they decide to do something and they do it. They take the effort and put forth what is needed to have their options expand and be successful.

The way passive income works are that when you create an article or business it is run automatically. Take writing for example, when you use a revenue sharing site to write articles or promote products that article will be there until it is unpublished. The traffic that you send there will continue to read that article for months or years to come. With each visitor, that comes you have the potential, for them to click on an AD and help make you money. The more traffic that comes, the more potential revenue you will get. This article will be available to them 24hours a day 7 days a week even while you sleep.

Now say you use a passive income idea to generated 50 dollars a day. That is an extra 25k each year. How would that help in supplementing your income?

Passive incomes from online endeavors are available anywhere in the world. You do not need to have the largest home just a house boat with an internet connection can continue to make you pretty decent money.

Do not get me wrong it does take effort these are just the rewards. The more time you spend setting up and maximizing your passive income streams the more they will pay you during the process, as well. There is going to be time for research, learning new skills, marketing, and listening. Effectively this is as close to perfectly passive that you can get.. The idea is to stick with it and be patient for the results because they will come.

Some passive income streams that you are going to develop, take a remarkably small amount of time. Others that you are developing will take a larger percentage of your time. But, the end result should be what you want to accomplish. If you compare a full time job as maximum effort roughly 40 hours per week the minimum effort is going to be

30 – 60 min a day

10 hours a week

1 full day a week

2-3 months a year

They all depend on the project you are working on and how much you are willing to work for that goal.

Everything from prompting the latest gadget online, selling gadgets or even real estate all of it will take some time for you to accomplish. Real Estate, for example, is a constant time load with advertising tenets, running a background check, repairs, or deposits. All of it requires some work. But, in the end the effort becomes less and less. If, it is stock dividends or other income streams you will always want to keep a close eye on them. If the stock goes down sell it. If, it goes up buy some more it is an ever evolving cycle.

I stress time, not to scare you into thinking that you will never have enough, no one does. It is I have seen so many people jump into something not realizing that it is going to take “time”. They want the instant returns and the reality check they get are full of fluff so they jump out. Those of us that weather the storms are going to make it a lot better. So, if you are searching for a passive income stream be ready to dedicate to it or do not waste your time and focus your efforts where you think you will have better success.


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