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Is Saving a Mindset

Updated on June 24, 2014

Saving Gets Easier Once You Start

I spent many years unable to save. When I think long and hard about it now I do realise that I could have been saving on occasion if I had put my mind to it. The problem was I had no idea how to.

I was bought up by one parent, my mum of whom struggled to keep us afloat by working 7 days shift work.

My parents were separated and my father was a spender not a saver. Although in the early days of marriage my parents bought a house by the time they divorced they had sold the house and were renting and basically had little else.

The stage was set and I had no real base, money sense or even thoughts that I needed to save.

I was a classic example of someone on a low income with no money management skills.

What Taught Me To Save

I worked my way through for years with out saving a cent. I had a baby and I found it just hard enough to make ends meet. As time went on there were clothes ,rent , food and school books to stay ahead of.

I remember hitting the edge on occasion and even having garage sales to clear the bills. I worked between school hours and struggled through the holidays. Of course things got better when I married my partner and we had two incomes helping with the rent and bills.

The big turn around for me was when my teenage son came home one day and wanted to go on an over seas school trip.

My son had missed out on the fancy toys and clothes in the past and I just wanted him to have something to remember so I said yes if we can raise the money.

From that day forward I was focused. There was some fundraising but the parents had to come up with the rest. Each week I watched what I was spending. I stopped wasting food, did not go out so much, and put any money I had not spent by the end of the week aside.

Sure enough I was saving and as I watched the balance grow somehow it just got easier. The price of the holiday increased as others dropped out but I did not care I just tightened the belt more and saved harder.

In the end we did it. My son had a great trip. The first best thing I ever did.


Staying Focused With Saving

Well now I am a saver , Hook, line and sinker. I don't have to think about it because it just comes naturally.Once you start and see that balance grow you become hooked.

As the years passed and I started working fulltime I found myself still living the budget lifestyle and banking the surplus from my pay.

Again I helped my son through Uni the second best thing I ever did.It backed up the saving for a few years but I soon got back to it easily .

I just loved watching the savings grow.

I stopped work for 8 months to help nurse my sick mum and lived on the savings, but I soon got back to it and then the opportunity came up for my husband and myself to buy a house and we could never have done that if it had not been again for my saving.

If You Live In New Zealand You May be interested in a previous Hub Buying First Home With Help Of Kiwisaver.

If you start to save a little each week and stay focused you will soon find it becomes easy and just a way of life.

Tips That Help With Saving

There is no blueprint to this but this is what helped me

Take the Plunge-Decide you are going to save and stay focused.

Step over hurdles-Don't dwell on any set backs just step over them and get back to it. Everyone has setbacks and sudden un expected bills the trick is not to let them get you down.

Buy Wisely- You can get some great second hand unworn clothes from online auctions or second hand shops. There are some items you can get a way with spending less on if you shop around.

Buy Quality-Sometimes it is better to spend a little more on an item to get quality that will last a long time than to buy cheap which will need to be replaced again soon down the track.

Cut Down on The Food Bill .buy fruit, veges, meat and cook your meals instead of buying tons of prepackaged expensive food. So much cheaper and if you are having to toss tons of food out each week then cut down on what you are buying. Make lunch don't buy it.

Walk sometimes if you can. Get fit and save on petrol.

Pay bills weekly. Now this is a big help if you just pay a little each week to those larger bills like power, rates , water and what ever you can then you don't get larger bills coming in the post. This made a big difference to me.

These tips helped me to become a saver and I hope they may help you too.

Is Saving a Mindset Summary

Yes I believe it is.

If you decide you want to save and stay focused you will do it.

Even starting with a small amount each week you will soon see the balance grow and the rest will come.

I hope this inspires you to give it a go.


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    • cangetthere profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi enjoy life ,

      I agree. Having some back up finance takes the heat out of certain sudden expenses. Another reason to become a saver.

    • enjoy life profile image

      enjoy life 3 years ago from Europe

      Saving is an important part of getting on top of your finances. There is nothing worse than emergencies hitting which cost more than you have available and not having any reserves to draw from