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Is SuperPoints Legit Or A Scam

Updated on November 16, 2012

So before taking the plunge you want to make sure Superpoints lives up to what it promises. I will show proof further down, but let me give the short answer right off the bat, they most definately do pay out and are by a long shot the easiest get paid to type site I'm on. Like every site of this type you do earn faster if you have referrals but even without any I managed to cash out twice on this site, and never spent more than 10 minutes a day on it, usually less but some days there were more videos to watch for extra points.

Membership Rules

  • Allows members from the US, UK, and Canada.
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Only allows one member per household or IP address.

The screen captures to the right are just the latest two times I have redeemed from Superpoints. After redeeming the first time I was able to convince a couple friends to join which made things much faster. Even more so than on other sites, here having a couple referrals can make all the difference. It adds more daily clicks on the SuperLucky Button, and also lets you get the same points your referrals earn when they click their own SuperLucky button.

That SuperLucky button is what makes this earning site the lazy earner's dream. Just sit back and click a single button a few times a day and hope you're luckier today than you were yesterday. It's a gamble, but all you are betting is your time, and very little of that.

One thing to note though, the way they make money from you using the button is the banner ads that load above and below it each time you click. For the site to stay around they have to make money so they are pretty particular about you not blocking ads. It is in their TOS agreement that you won't run ad blocking software on their site, and if you want to keep your account it would be best to either add their site to the exceptions list so that it doesn't get ads blocked or use a browser without ad blocking installed at all when you use the site. That is however the only catch I've ever found with this site, and really the ads they use have never been intrusive or overboard in any way.

If you are referral challenged like myself and are going to try this site alone just keep in mind that the payout can take quite some time but it will eventually pay. As a basic member you get 30 button clicks per day and have to earn 2500 points to request a reward, which will translate into $25 however you choose to cash out. This is nearly unique in earning sites, but here no matter what reward you choose, be it Amazon gift card, or even deposit to Paypal, each point is worth one cent. So 2500 points will net you $25 in value of whatever award method you choose. Almost every other site I've seen charges more points for same value when cashing out to paypal and certain gift cards, this one however is the same value regardless.

Their payouts are also rather fast compared to most of the other points based earning sites I am on. Every week they do a redemption cycle and anyone that requested a reward before the cutoff time on Sunday will receive it on Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Most sites can take several weeks to actually get your reward to you, however with this system the wait depends on when you ordered it and is at most a week.

Update 11/16/12: Wanted to give it a few days to see if the original owners relaunched the site before updating here, but it seems that for now at least this site is dead and gone. Will update again if they do relaunch as I am checking on them every day.


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