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Is Zoombucks Legit Or A Scam

Updated on March 7, 2012

For those that like to skip to the end of the novel... Yes Zoombucks is totally legit. They do take a bit longer than some sites to get your reward to you but it will come. See photos below if you need to see it for yourself.

Basic Membership Rules

  • Open to all countries.
  • Must be 13 or older to join.
  • Only one account allowed per household or IP address.

Order history as shown on the site itself.
Order history as shown on the site itself.
The email Zoombucks sent me with my gift card claim code.
The email Zoombucks sent me with my gift card claim code.
Amazon accepted it just fine. :)
Amazon accepted it just fine. :)

If you are familiar with any other point reward type sites you pretty much are familiar with Zoombucks. They have basically all the same features you will find elsewhere and at first they seem to not really stand out from the crowd in any way. Until you dig a little deeper and notice that while they may have the same things elsewhere, it's just a little bit better over here.

The biggest improvement over other sites of this type is that it accepts members worldwide. Of course if you are in the US you will see more offers since a lot of them are geo-targeted, but at least you can use this site from outside the US and enjoy some of the same things you would find on those other sites that won't allow other countries. This is good news not only for the people outside the US wanting to try a reward point type site, but it also will make it easier to get referrals for those of you that have good luck with that.

Another stand out feature on this site is that the possible daily rewards can be much higher than most. You get a single point for visiting their offer wall each day, but you also get a random amount for visiting what they call "Zdaily". You won't always win this the first time you visit for the day, if not give it 30 minutes and come back until you do. I have won as much as 8 points from just this daily update which is more than most sites give total in guaranteed daily points.

Another improved feature here is their "Video Rewards" section. The videos you find here may be familiar to you already as they are provided by a company that also provides videos to a few other sites. In these videos you watch an advertisement and look for two numbers to scroll by on random edges of the video as it plays. At the end you enter those two numbers in any order and if correct you get credit. The part that Zoombucks does better here is that some of these videos if you watch them on the provider's own site also enter you in a drawing for extra gift cards or even cash prizes. The one other site I know that uses them does not enter you into the same drawings, Zoombucks however does. Also I have seen members on both the facebook wall and in the chatbox on main page talking about how they actually won in one of the drawings, so Zoombucks members obviously can win them.


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  • Mala Srivastava profile image

    Mala Srivastava 5 years ago from India

    Thanks for the information.