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Is a Collection Company or Lawyer after you in Florida?

Updated on January 9, 2013

Is it Shafritz and Braten????

I was not paying attention to the economy in late 2007 and 2008, I was working for a rather large telecommunication company, commuting to work, drinking coffee, had my home, I was rather comfortable.

I knew I needed 2 knees and what a better time than right now as my insurance coverage was very good. I met with the Doctor, arranged the surgery, I would not miss hardly any work and it was all set.

Too good to be true. The telecommunication company that I worked for felt that the union was a problem and without much notice closed their doors. I lost my job as quick as the blink of an eye. I was recovering from 2 knee operations, and I was in trouble.

I tried to save myself from the financial fall, and it did not work. Everything was slipping away. It was bad enough that I weathered the hurricane destroying my town in 2004, and now I am knocked down again. There were no jobs to be had any where in my area. I did find employment , quite a distance away so I left my home and took the job.

I did not reside in my home for most of 2009, my current address was public, and I was never served any papers other than a foreclosure in February 2009. I was served the liz pendens in person from the County where my house was located, and the Court knew where to serve me.

I was never contacted from 2009 to the present date by any of the other companies I owed money to, no collection agencies, no mail , nothing. I ended up moving to live with my son, on the other side of the State, and I was trying to start over again.

Fast forward to October 4 2013 when I look at my paystub and see a wage attachment. I call my employer and I am told it is from a lawyer Shafritz and Braten PA. The attachment was filed in the County I used to live in from 2003 to 2008. I check the county records I do not see any legal filings that were current, so I call the Court Clerk.

I am informed that in July of 2009 a Judgment was filed from Chase Bank USA, and in January of 2011 a second Judgment was filed listing Chase Bank USA, and the page showed a addition of a black star the numbers #1715 and the name Shafritz listed on the judgment. The 2nd Judgment was exact to the first other than the addition of the black star, the number and the name Shafritz. This is an original document, copied and altered and re-filed. The third item filed two days later in January of 2011, is an assignment of Judgment, the law group representing Chase Bank Card Services, is Shafritz and Braten PA, who is assigning this same Judgment to their owned Collection agency Dove Investment Corporation.

I researched and found that Shaftitz and Braten PA claimed that they were the Lawyers representing Chase Bank Card Services at the time in 2010 when several complaints were filed with the Federal Government and with several of the Attorney General's offices. The case filed came from a inside whistle blower, and Chase Bank USA made a public announcement that their law suits would be stopped, and Chase Bank was not going to answer anything pertaining to the robo-signing of all the assignments of Judgments that were written and filed with the Courts.

So basically what it means is that Shafritz and Braten PA are filing court papers saying they represent Chase Bank USA, as their plaintiff, even though they filed a Assignment of Judgment that they created, using the signature of a alleged robo-signer, they are also the owners of Dove Investment Company, the collection agency that does not want to collect anything.

Due to the fact that I was never served and never responded to any Judgments or Assignments of Judgments because I did not know they were filed, to object to the Judgments now at this date, according to the Court would be considered a re-litigation, which will not happen.

I went a step further and I contacted Chase Bank USA and I was told by their legal department that Shafritz and Braten PA were sold this debt, actually the debt was sold as a bundle and the Assignment of Judgment does not clearly define any one debtor, and that Shafrtiz and Braten PA and Dove Investment Corporation were given all necessary papers to collect this debt on their own. Shafritz and Braten PA should not be using Chase Bank USA as their Plaintiff.

Moving forward, I had never received any paper work from Shafrtiz and Braten PA, and found out later that mail was being sent to old residence's. There was no concern of verifying any places of address, it does not really matter to any one.

I had contacted the Court and now I am receiving documents that are old from Shaftitz and Braten PA, representing themselves as representing Chase Bank USA as their Plaintiff, then would you like to settle with Dove Investment Corporation, and then back to Shafritz and Braten PA as the Lawyers again. They kept changing hats over and over again.

I complied and sent to the Court my Excemption form, which was notorized and legal. I received a response from Shafritz and Braton PA informing the Court that they did not like that exemption form because it was not filed within the allowed Florida Statue time limit. They wanted it thrown out as my exemption form. I was never served, and this fact means nothing, I knew then that it will not matter what I submit, I figured out the game.

The game plan is to re-file an existing Judgment before the Staue Of lImitations runs out. Re-file the document and place your name on the original filed document. Then file an Assignment of Judgment which is questionable but no one cares, because the Debtor did not know it was ever filed and was never served. You will not use the Collection agency that you own , because you would have to validate the debt, and follow the Law.

The rest of the game is you the Debtor fill out all the Discovery papers , and hand all your information needed or not to this stranger on a silver platter. Due to the fact that you were never served and therefore never responded to the Court, the Lawyer will make certain that you have no exemptions as he proceeds to wipe out your bank account and have your automobiles towed from your home.

Your recourse after the fact is to supply the Court with your legal, valid exemptions a second time, and hope you can get your money and automobiles back from him!It will be very difficult to function with out your exempt money and your automobiles. They call this Lawyer a debt junk buyer scavenger. Comparable to a turkey buzzard.

I did extensive research about this Law Firm, Shafritz and Braten PA, I saw that he even went after Debtors that had paid the original Judgment in full, I saw that he took peoples cars. I also knew that probably most of the Debtors if given the chance to respond to the Collection agency and with proof of debt validation, may have been able to make a payment plan.

It doesn't matter to him, or his associates, its attach a wage garnishment, a wage execution, a fast sale, fast money. I did not have any thing to collect I have lost and sold everything I had, so basically he was wasting his time. Yet he would want to take what ever i had left that he could sell.

So: The only recourse you will have from this Lawyer is to claim Bankcruptcy. I found a great Law Company that services The State Of Florida. They are Clark & Washington, LLs, located in Orlando, Florida 407-219-5688. There is help available, and the cost is very affordable. This is the only way to stop the junk debt buyer scavengers.

It appears that this type of Legal debt collection is being allowed by the Courts, I understand that you can move your money to pre-paid debit cards, especially your exempt monies. Its a shame that the Debt collection can not operate and abide by the laws in place, but we also have to make certain that we are paying the right debt collection company, or the right creditor, or we will be legally responisble to pay it again.


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