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How to Earn Money from Home by bubblews, Is bubblews a scam?

Updated on July 13, 2014
Bubblews logo stating : "Write your world"
Bubblews logo stating : "Write your world"

How to make Money Online

The online money making website fetches itself lots of bad names. It is a very fast growing website, having been established in the year 2012, it has become a pioneer in providing internet users with money just by writing. You will get money to write. You get paid to write whatever you feel, whatever topic you want, whatever you can think of. The website shares ad revenues with its users. They claim it be 50-50 sharing of revenue, but it is not actually true.

They earn a lot more than you can think of. They have millions of active users and get a lot of traffic in their websites, and the advertising companies pay them sufficiently well.

Bubblews pays you one cent for viewing the page/reading the post, one cent for liking the post and one cent for a comment. The maximum you can get is $0.03 per post from one person.

working from home
working from home

It actually is a Work from home opportunity

You might have learnt about Bubblews from few blogging sites or posts such as “earn money online”, “how to earn money using the internet”, “work from home”, etc. Well, Bubblews is a combination of all these. All you have to do is get a verified paypal account, an active internet connection and little off time.

Bubblews used to release the redemptions at $25, but a change in the marketing strategy, they increased the bar to $50. All you need to do is to make connections and write random posts. Trust me, no one even reads your post. Write anything you want, the website does not check for grammatical and spelling errors. But you have to write in English.

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working from home
working from home

Does Bubblews really pay?

Now coming to the topic of discussion, Is Bubblews a scam? I have done a lot of research, and got a wide range of views from different people. Some have clearly stated that it is a scam, their reason being, their account being closed down.

Others have stated that their account was closed down just a day before they could hit the redemption button. This was really sad, well nothing can be done.

But the majority of the lot gave thumbs up and stated that it is not a scam and it actually pays. They told me that if the rules mentioned below(which is collaborated from the bubblews pages and other user experiences) are followed, then they are going to pay you. They take little time to send payments, this time range can vary from a week to a fortnight, but they will pay.

Rules you must follow to get the payment

The bubblews page states that they have the rights to remove any account if the following rules are not followed. This also includes cancellation of the amount of balance collected.

  1. You cannot write any content less than 400 characters, I have seen a lot of users write two or three lines and start their first post. In doing so they will get banned at the day when they will collect $49. Adequate amount of content is required.
  2. You are allowed to write only in English, as I have stated before, the websites do not check for grammatical errors, but they do not accept any other language, You can use another language in quotes and short phrases, and write the translation in English, but the entire post should not be in any foreign language.
  3. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in Bubblews, you cannot post copied contents. Copying contents from other websites and putting them as your own will lead to ban of your account. You can write about anything, write about your thoughts after reading this.
  4. You cannot request others to like your posts and read your posts or comment on it. You cannot like more than 10 posts from a single user in one hour. Same goes with commenting.
  5. You cannot use traffic exchange programs to increase views, using VPN is also avoided. You should use only one and only one IP address to login to bubblews, if you try to change IP address or use another IP, your account will get banned.
  6. Use your discretion, there is no limit to make connections, you can make as much as you want, but in one day, you can submit only up to 10 posts a day.

Bubblews is legit

If you follow the above rules and keep writing, you will receive your payments. The website is not a scam. I have a lot of friends, who work on the website and receive payments, they have made hundreds of dollars, they have shown me evidence of their paypal account screenshots. The more you post, the more money you earn.

Keep writing!

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    • NikaKlimt profile image

      Laura 3 years ago from Ireland

      Interesting hub, I have just recently joined bubblews and it seems okay, not as good as hub pages but it has potential I think.

    • profile image

      sajid 3 years ago

      Very good