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Isn't Life Interesting

Updated on February 13, 2011

What An Interesting Life


I have to say that life is quite interesting. I've never been to big a blogger or MySpace or YouTube kind of guy. Always to busy. But that has changed. Well, not the busy stuff, but some of the things in life that we make time for, just sometimes don't want to make time for us. I have to say that the last two years of my life has been amazing and really taught me a thing or two about myself and that has really come handy with me knowing who I truly am the last three months. I guess a divorce will do that! I've had a rear view look at my life and realize that I've done the right things and to move on. Some people say that I may be trying to move on to quickly and not taking the proper time to grieve, and I say to those people "Why spend time focusing on failures? If I can't change things, then the best thing is to keep moving forward and learn from my mistakes."

I learned a long time ago about who I am. Not to sound gay or masterbatoric (is that word), but I really enjoy and love the man and person that I have become. I think that sounds weird, but it also kind of underlays the confidence that I have right now. My life is truly a blank book which is yet to be written. I've been very lucky to be in the position that I am right now. Yes, some of it has come from working hard and willing to listen. But some of it is just knowing when to make the jump. I've always believed that you don't get through life HAPPY by staying content and safe. I guess that is the risk taker in me, but you don't go from being broke and in foreclosure to where I am now by playing it safe! I've worked so hard in the past at trying to make someone else happy and now life is about me being happy! So watch out world, here are some promises that I intend to keep!

Every quarter I will take a two week hiatus/vacation/ or mini retirement. I'm headed to Europe on my first one from July 31 to August 10th so keep an eye our for blogs on that one!

I've also decided to bring back the writer in me and start journalling my trips and experiences, along with my successes and failures on the road. My goal over the next year is to have helped at least 50 investors close their first deal (profitable of course) along me closing them as well. You will see some of my successess on the YouTube videos. Along with this, I plan on closing on 50 real estate deals without truly having a home. I've decided that since I travel 3-4 weeks out of the month, that I need not burden my self with a house. I can only successfuly do this with the help of my two brothers, Mike and Tim, who are gracious enough to take care of my kids (Bell the cat and Princess the dog).

I have to say that two books that I just recently read, "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch and "The Four Hour Work Week" by Jeff Farris have had a dramatic effect recently upon me. I guess the idea of having fun with everything, but focusing on the "big rocks" like my mentor Bob says has manifested itself in me, along with the help of both of these books. No matter where you are or what you do, both of these books can shed a little light on things missing in ones life.

So basically I will be living out of my suitcase for the next year, traveling across the country and world (my vacations must be outside of the domestic 48 states) and training investor along with buying properties myself. Let's see how this goes!

Visiting Europe

Smoking Cigars with Sip and Jon in London
Smoking Cigars with Sip and Jon in London

The Last Lecture Video

Books to Order


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    • profile image

      Andrew caine 9 years ago

      We all go through rough patches although you look like you are having a good time in London!